How to get out of a Hyundai lease

Hello all,

I currently have a 3 yr lease on a Hyundai Sonta SEL (signed June 2019). Its a pretty good deal but we have an additional member in our family this year so we need a 7 seater SUV instead of 5 seater sedan. I know Hyundai doesn’t allow lease transfers so I am trying to figure out the best way to get out of my Sonta lease without losing too much $. We are not very picky about which 7 seater to lease yet, so might be open to getting a Palisade if that can reduce the cost. All suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Keep getting rid of the Sonata and new SUV separate, if you can pay the negative equity (if you have negative equity) on the Sonata.

For the Sonata: Get quotes from CarMax, Carvana, Vroom, and any local car buying places near you and get the payoff quote from Hyundai. You might owe money, have equity, or come out even from this transaction.

No incentive for getting a Palisade (if anything, Palisades are still pretty hot cars right now and don’t lease well from what I’ve seen). If cost is most important to you, 2020 Pilots are probably the best leasing right now (EX & EX-L trim specifically). Leased one for my parents and I drove it 6 hours their house for them – Fairly nice SUVs, especially for the price (Got a Pilot EX-L FWD for $372/$372 down (includes 6.35% CT tax) with no conquest/loyalty or other incentives) – Looks like Pilot #'s didn’t change since August at a glance.

Here’s a hand:

Also, search the forum for 7-seaters. A lot of people have been asking for them recently. Good luck!

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Search the forum for commonly discussed 7-seaters like Pilot, Highlander, MDX, XC90 etc.

Palisade will take more effort to get a deal.