How to get emails of dealerships

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to get emails of dealerships but I only get contact forms on the site and I have to put my number in. When I put my number in they end up calling me when I want to do all negotiating via email like lease hacker recommends.

All the dealerships have these forms with a box for a email and a phone. Just don’t leave your number and type something like (Area Code)-Prefix-9999. Filters allow this number through as legit and you never get a call.
So they all contact you via email left on the form.

Doi… Why didn’t I think of that…

Generally you’re wanting to speak to internet or fleet managers…A lot of them have a “meet the team” page which displays a picture and their title and sometimes email…To increase your odds of them replying a personal connection goes a long way…Once you have your contact name, call the dealership and ask for that person by name…Once you get them on the phone, be polite, direct and quick, introduce yourself and tell them the make and model you want then ask for their email, they’ll usually just give it out but if they press you, just say you’re only willing to do business over email, you can email them directly or email the general dealership inbox…99% chance you’ll get their email…Since they will probably remember someone calling them about that specific make/model, higher odds they’ll reply…

Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person who refuses to talk on the phone at all, google the dealership name and “internet manager” to see what comes up.