How to get a Tesla Model 3/Y/S FAST

Which 2 are you getting?

Any chance you can lease a plaid and flip for profit?

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What happened to the S LR that you ordered in June?

What happened to the bronco?

We canceled reservation

Someone tried to flip it on CarsAndBids and I believe it didnt go over MSRP since Plaid’s are not that difficult to get a hold of.

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2 SR+ I sold my other one yesterday

Sold at auction like 2 weeks ago.


Justin Emerson and Chad Cunningham would love you


How much did GMTV offer on the model 3?

Building bots to order cars haha. But dealerships are going to be around forever…

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5200 miles 2021 $46,750


LOL, this is the equivalent of camping outside a dealership every day and running as soon as you see a truckload of cars

Was that SR+ model too?

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I don’t know about dealerships, but this Tesla bullshit of faking inventory happens every quarter, nothing really new.

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Oh dropping inventory for sale is** definitely nothing new. But custom orders have been taking longer than before - especially M3 SR+ and MY LR. This just helps you get one faster regardless of the time of the month/quarter/year.

Just in the past few weeks, they have had a huge push of LFP battery M3 SR+ vehicles, but prior to that, it was mostly orders that customers didn’t complete after paying the initial order fee.

If a vehicle is at location or in-transit, there’s a high chance someone paid $100 or $250 and then said, nah, I don’t want it. Sales Advisors are supposed to match those vehicles to people that are waiting but if they dont do it within 10 minutes, it gets released to the wild.

“faking” inventory isn’t really the thing here. The thing here is using bots to purchase a car like it’s a PS5, RTX3080 or some Nike off white sneaker is incredibly interesting.


10 Plaids in the Bay Area

Maybe I’m missing something, how is this different or interesting? Because it costs more? The main issue here is that other products are actually experiencing shortages, this is every single quarter, the inventory disappears and trickles in.

Because it’s a car? Ordering a car online is still a relatively unique experience, but add bots to that mix to get a car like its black friday is something that still feels surreal to me.

As for the inventory disappearing, you may be eluding to where peoples existing orders get pushed due to meeting quarter deadlines, etc. That potentially is still happening, but is no different than other manufacturers. My Jeep got pushed back to waiting parts twice from all parts collected, waiting for build status. Chances are that they gave those parts to someone else’s vehicle.

However, what we are talking about here is a practice that they have always done. They used to only charge you $100 to place an order. After the vehicle gets delivered to the location, you have 3 days to pick it up. Not everyone does - it’s easier to pay $100 than to pay $40k+. Or things have changed since they ordered it. Now, what happens to this vehicle? In the perfect world, it is supposed to go to someone else in that vicinity that had the same specs. But if its not matched quickly enough, it gets released to the wild.

As for supply chain shortages, the SR+ was using the NCA battery that they used across the board. Due to the shortage, they switched to LFP batteries and since August 26th, they have started selling them. They did not replace existing orders (because of the range difference) with this new battery, but sent an email asking people to go to their existing inventory page to get this new type, if they wanted their order faster. They have done about 2-3 dumps so far where we have seen over 300 vehicles drop at a time. Last was over 10 days ago.

Anyways, I hope this ends up being helpful for people that were having a hard time finding a vehicle during these times.


I can totally agree with this part of your post :slight_smile: