How to get a Tesla FAST... And Most Other Reasonable Things Tesla

I think that’s some Chinese mileage standard. They said it’s actually a 9% improvement in range

You actually believe Tesla’s claims around estimated EV range?


I am liking my current M3 a lot. It feels like a go-cart and I love riding it around for quick errands. I really hate the noise inside the cabin and hate driving it on highway above 70 and I think the new model should solve that problem.

I want the new Tesla but I don’t think I would qualify for the rebates again. So I am probably done with it.
Also, I received emails from CVRP 10 days ago saying they will or have sent out the check for both the M3 and Mirai. I haven’t received the checks yet though.

Last time it took 3 weeks to receive

I forgot to ask you last time, but how did you know the CVAP opened back up when it did?

@BYGFEET gave me a heads up
I didn’t even know it existed
I thought it was the same as cvrp

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