How to get a Tesla FAST... And Most Other Reasonable Things Tesla

Officially at the “maybe I should have paid the $800” part of the project.


According to Consumer Reports, Tesla is falling behind other car companies in automated driving technology.

That doesn’t change the fact that when someone says “autopilot”, the first thing that comes to mind for many is “Tesla”.

Needs a v8


Good luck. Hope you don’t have any extra parts left over when putting everything back together lol

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Those extra parts are my weight saving plan to extend range.


$399 leases anyone ? $5k due at signing (about what u pay for sales tax if u live in unfortunate states)


4 2022 MY LR sold at Manheim yesterday. These prices are lower than prior to Jan 12:

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$530 w $0 down before TTL.

Doesn’t look like they’re passing it through on the P or LR

Tesla may have, at least in the medium term, some production advantages. But their software/AI/self-driving advantages were never going to be more than fleeting. Seeing what other ideas work and then imitating them is a theme in tech. See Google and Apple..

There’s a reason Mercedes will take liability for their cars operating in their autonomous mode whereas Tesla perpetually clings to the beta concept , even though they are recognizing the proceeds from the sale as FSD , aka calling it a final product.

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My Ford with blue cruise has been in the shop for 3 months with undiagnosable electrical / software issues, and I’m going through a lemon claim with it. Blue cruise isn’t the reason it’s there, but it was never great.

The Blue cruise would turn off half the time on the interstate if the lines were faded, would aggressively brake, ping pong between lines, and give you no warning to when it was going to turn off. I wouldn’t say Ford is close to Tesla at this point.

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3 of them have >10k miles on ODO. Adjusting for that, I’d say the value is holding up.

BTW, kudos to the guy who paid $53,000 for a 22 MYLR with 1200 miles on the clock. Must be fun retailing it.

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Sometimes these are pre sold & they’re buying it for a fee


If the car has black paint, 7 seats, and FSD, it has a $77630 MSRP (incl dest). So a dealer paying $53k could make a hefty profit and still provide a good deal to the buyer looking for that spec.

Also remember there are millions of people that are not eligible for the tax credit due to income limits.

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FSD inflates the hypothetical sticker to make this sale artificially more appealing. In reality FSD has a MMR value of just +$750.

So subtract $15k and then the hypothetical sticker becomes 62


I personally agree with this but I have seen dealers pay premiums much higher than $750 for FSD. If I were a consumer wanting FSD (and possibly willing to pay $15k for it), saving $10k for a used model would be worth considering.

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Here is what changed with auction results and a headwind for Tesla. Its the Tesla lease returns that were suppose to part of the Robotaxi fleet that are sitting. If you look pre price cuts, there were a lot of sales by Tesla under the Lease category, now they are Regular sales , so Tesla isn’t selling, these are most likely dealers .

Tesla would sell used 3s inventory to Carvana, now they will release a few 3s at a few Manhiem locations to control the flow. I suspect many 3s run, but don’t hit the reserve

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Looks like they are finally passing the 7500.
Although it doesn’t look like a cap reduction :face_with_monocle:

I looked and when you switch to lease it removes the $7500. Maybe I’m missing something…