How to get a Tesla FAST... And Everything Else Tesla

I guess Elon decided he needed another $500 for a MYLR?


Demand pricing.

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Maybe going to Amazon model of just in time variable pricing?

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Can we get a wide angle MMR update for teslas? Model S and Model X included. :pray:

Very curious to see what those expensive models can be had for at auction these days.

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Here is a view of just the 2021 MY LR:

As I posted before, I had been searching for a MY LR for several weeks because values had already been hammered over the last 5-6 months. Since the Jan 12 price reduction, the wholesale prices do not appear to have dropped much, if at all. There aren’t enough data points on 2022 MY LR.

There are a few data points that show the 2022 MYP has dropped quite a bit after Jan 12.


Finally roadworthy (except for a bad fog light)


So it was mechanically totaled.

That explains a lot. :grin:


Tesla only wants $800 to replace it. I am now obsessed with model S bumper removal videos.

Which led me to a discovery. Tesla makes the complete service manual available for all vehicles at no charge. To signup your tesla account, follow the below URL, highlight “service and repair information” and then the sign up now button at the bottom. When you are taken to the purchase screen, Option 1 should be listed at $0. No billing information is required.

Once setup you will get to this:


Officially at the “maybe I should have paid the $800” part of the project.


According to Consumer Reports, Tesla is falling behind other car companies in automated driving technology.

That doesn’t change the fact that when someone says “autopilot”, the first thing that comes to mind for many is “Tesla”.

Needs a v8


Good luck. Hope you don’t have any extra parts left over when putting everything back together lol

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Those extra parts are my weight saving plan to extend range.


$399 leases anyone ? $5k due at signing (about what u pay for sales tax if u live in unfortunate states)


4 2022 MY LR sold at Manheim yesterday. These prices are lower than prior to Jan 12:

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$530 w $0 down before TTL.

Doesn’t look like they’re passing it through on the P or LR

Tesla may have, at least in the medium term, some production advantages. But their software/AI/self-driving advantages were never going to be more than fleeting. Seeing what other ideas work and then imitating them is a theme in tech. See Google and Apple..

There’s a reason Mercedes will take liability for their cars operating in their autonomous mode whereas Tesla perpetually clings to the beta concept , even though they are recognizing the proceeds from the sale as FSD , aka calling it a final product.

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My Ford with blue cruise has been in the shop for 3 months with undiagnosable electrical / software issues, and I’m going through a lemon claim with it. Blue cruise isn’t the reason it’s there, but it was never great.

The Blue cruise would turn off half the time on the interstate if the lines were faded, would aggressively brake, ping pong between lines, and give you no warning to when it was going to turn off. I wouldn’t say Ford is close to Tesla at this point.

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