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It’s 40% of the value not of the entire content. Value being the term in the law.

Nickel and Cobalt are the most expensive minerals in a battery (typically NMC 811). Nickel and Cobalt are mined in many free trade countries (edit: Cobalt… not so much).

Am I expecting any battery to get both halves of the credit? Not really. Tesla might because they build + assembly cells and batteries in Nevada.

It comes down to colbalt, nickel, lithium…three most expensive minerals in EV batteries. Good luck to these brands and treasury tracking what minerals are coming from what location. What a mess.

List of Tesla suppliers.

More important going forward is the “foreign entity of concern” portion of the legislation.

  • 2024 a single component from China will make any EV not eligible for credit.
  • 2025 a single mineral from China will make any EV not eligible for credit.

This portion will kill even more credits. Take Ford for example who announced Lightning and MachE is moving to LFP batteries from CATL. CATL is a Chinese company with no plants in US or FTA country.

Ended unsold at $102,500.

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Watched about 30 Tesla auctions on Friday. Every Model 3 and Model Y sold for at or over MMR. My top 3:

However, pre-refresh Model S and, in particular, Model X, selling WAY below MMR right now. Would hate to be holding one of these.


Great info! Been watching 2021-2023 MS private ads on FB and some high 80 to low 90s asking but trade in offers are coming in the low 70s from my own research.

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Very interested to see data on the pre-refresh S/X. I would be interested in picking one of those up when the price drops below a Bolt price

Your not far off but you gotta go way back.

Seems to be on the way down, and those are Performance 85s too! As 3/Y used comes down, the older S/X was definitely fall further. Especially when people find pre-2015 battery and motor failure rates and the price to fix them out of warranty. Your graphs are better than the ones I have made from car guru data.

Yea great to see the Model S pricing come down. I was looking at post-facelift (2016.5+) 90D/100D’s (non-Performance) and even high mileage cars were listed for $50k+ a few months ago.

My mate got a 2015 P85D with ludicrous and it has been nothing but issues. Electrical is the main thing, windows not working. Lights not working. Car shuts down etc. He has it in a reasonable state now after being in and out of the shop for months but he must have spent $5k plus in the last year on it.

I am looking at a 2015 P90D that an owner just wants to get rid of because it has been in the shop for so long. Tesla just does not make parts for it anymore.
I think the only way forward with the older Model S’s will be people that are willing to work on them themselves (like me) to keep them on the road. But 5K is nothing. The 2016 and earlier model S engines always (not if but when) have the “milling” sound failure (bearing goes out) - 7.5K to fix, and eventually, the battery will fail for a 9-22K fix.

Oh wow. Maybe I don’t want a used model s lol.

I embrace it. New ones don’t have free supercharging.

Tesla now offering a $3750 discount on any new Model 3 or Model Y delivered prior to end of the year.

Get ready for the secondary markets to drop even further.


Where do I see this?

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I guess we know how much credit they expect to receive in 2023.

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To wait or to go for it?

Wait :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend: