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That would have been during the reign of “I am not a crook” from Whittier

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Up go the prices.


Just placed the order on a M3 LR today. Hoping that the price increases between now and January and the fed incentive makes it through. Estimated delivery is December but should be able to delay it up to 30 days at the very least based on the language in the delivery agreement I think? Maybe we need a new thread “How to get a Tesla Model 3 slow”…



My SR+ reservation when from December to next year September to now end of Nov. - mid Dec.

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Nov-Dec of 2021 or 2022?

end of 2022

SR+ reserved at $41,990
Estimated Delivery: November 25 - December 23 so has to be 2021

Estimated Delivery: December 04 - December 31 (did not change)

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LR and P 3’s are both December’21 EDD. I bet anyone who orders a LR/P 3 right now bumps a SR+ reservation holder into next year, as higher margin LR/P’s bring more refrnjo/profit.

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Second that.

Panasonic intends to begin test production of the 4680 battery cells in Japan by March 2022.

I have a MY LR w March - April 2022 delivery date. If the 2022 Model Y is hitting the market around the same timeframe, can I get the 2022 model by postponing my delivery? I don’t know much about battery technology, but a potential upgrade to 4680 battery sounds very attractive.

I’m curious in the past how Tesla handles those buyers who missed the new year model just by a few days. Thoughts?

They don’t handle it. Plenty times when 3 came out they dropped the prices periodically and many many people were pissed off at them because they’ve payed much more for their cars just days or weeks prior.

We might have some model year changes …

For M3 SR+

  • Range increased to 272 miles from 252/263
  • 0-60mph increased by 0.5s to 5.8s
  • SR+ trim name dropped.

All speculations from what we see on the updated site as of this evening. Discord members helped point it out :pray:t4:


Friend just ordered a M3 Perf in the UAE, delivery time is slated for February 2022.

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M3 LR went down from 353 to 334 miles and I’m seeing 267 mi on SR+ ???
Bet there will be a Software update very soon

EDIT: Uh huh, changing the wheels selection bumps it up to 358 mi and 272 mi

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Still fugazi range estimates as far as I’m concerned. Like anyone is buying a Tesla to drive it like a Gen1 Prius.

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Which is so strange. LR gets 7% range loss and Base gets 2% range loss with the same wheels. How does that work?

The same way we’ve been keeping track of money since coming off the gold standard.

Strokes on a keyboard.

Modern mileage theory?