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TLDR; Tesla trickles inventory on their website throughout the day and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you may be able to get a Tesla ordered & picked up within days or weeks vs waiting for months on it.

LeaseHackr fam - I wanted to share some tips & a small Discord community that we have built that might help you get a Tesla ordered faster than ordering it through conventional ways.

Back story - I took part in the 4XE deal to replace my vehicle. However, it took over 3 months and I still do not have it (update - finally got it after 3.5 months). In the meantime, we changed our minds and ended up ordering a Tesla. That too was taking a while - we waited a month on our custom order vehicle and the “estimated delivery date” kept on pushing back.

From the TMC forums, I learned that people were refreshing the inventory page on Tesla’s website and ordering a vehicle directly through that. I tried that for a couple of days and had no success with it. I then open-sourced and built a program that checks Tesla’s API’s (the stuff that powers the website data) every few seconds and as soon as an inventory is found, it notifies us via a Discord notification. From there, it’s free game - anyone can click on the link which takes them to Tesla’s website and then you can place your order.

If the vehicle is at location, you can pick it up same day or in a few days. If it’s in transit, it may take a week or two. If the vehicle is in production (yes, they list in-production vehicles), it may take 2-3 weeks.

So, here’s the how to:

  1. Find out what specifications you want your Tesla to be

  2. You have two options - one to do it on your own and another to get notifications as soon as a listing goes live:

    • Option 1: Go to and set up auto-refresh using a browser extension(or manually refresh every 15-30 seconds.

    • Option 2: Join our Discord Server (link in the following post)

  3. As soon as a vehicle is found, make sure it is your exact specification or one you can live with. Check the location of the vehicle as well.

    • Please note that additional transport fees will apply for vehicles more than 100 miles from your location. (0 - 100 miles = Free, 100 to 600 miles = $500, and it goes up to $2000)

    • During End Of Quarter, Tesla does not allow vehicles to be transported and they will force you to pick up your vehicle asap. Do not order unless you’re certain to pick up before the quarter ends.

  4. Click on the vehicle link/listing and order your Tesla asap - every second counts.

    • Apple Pay is preferred - use Safari OR use AutoFill from your browser.

    • Vehicles can go within seconds, so if it didn’t work out this time, try again later.

  5. After your order goes through, you will have up until the minute you pick up your vehicle to pay for your vehicle. You will have to choose how you will pay for your vehicle - cash, Tesla Finance, outside financing or Lease. They will also ask you to fill in your Registration information. Your down payment, if any, can be paid up until the last minute prior to delivery.

    For Finance, you can choose to go with Tesla Finance who offers a 2.49% / 72 month rate from one of the major banks - who it could be seems like a game of roulette.

    If you want an even better rate, DCU offers a 1.24% APR / 65 month (requires a checking account with direct deposit for 0.50% discount). I am able to refer you to DCU if you’d like - there is a $100 promotion going on right now. Please contact me on Discord / DM me here with your First Name, Last Name & Email Address.

That’s basically the gist of it. I was able to order mine within 2 days of starting this notification service and getting my Tesla in just a week after being transported from across the state. We even had someone who was able to pick up theirs within 6 hours of ordering. We currently monitor every single Tesla location in the United States & in Canada for all Model 3, Y, S & X. It’s been alive since mid August and we have helped over hundreds of people get a Tesla so far. There is no cost associated with it and the community is great.

Since this is LeaseHackr and most of you may be interested in just a lease, I’d highly recommend that you look up lease specifics for Tesla. They do not offer your the ability to buy back your vehicle at the end of the term, nor do they allow you to sell it to a third party right now.

Lease specifics can be found through the link on the vehicle notification from Discord - check “Additional Lease Data Points” under Vehicle Details in our WaitingForTesla site.

For an entire list of available vehicles, check out our little website we have put together at

If you are in the market for a Tesla, good luck!


Here’s the Discord link where you can get notified when Tesla releases an inventory vehicle. Attached is an image of what a notification could look like. We get all of the information from Tesla - some that they do not display on their website - factory build date, etc.

I wonder if this holds true for model S as well? Completely out of the blue last night I went on the Tesla website to configure a Plaid just for fun. While I was there…pooof… an in stock one showed up locally. Needless to say it’s gone now.


It applies to Model S as well. I haven’t seen any Model X’s drop since they are not being produced right now, but once it starts, they can be ordered the same way as well.

And maybe the Cybertruck one day, haha!

Best time to look out for is around 11:18am EST but it happens all throughout the day at random intervals.

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IF only it would just auto order it for me too… :slight_smile:


Great post, thanks for the tips. It’s a bit sad to me that ordering a car is like trying to get a PlayStation 5 now but oh well.


It technically could but you gotta give everyone a fair chance :sweat_smile:

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Fair HAHA :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy times we live in, right?!

thanks for sharing! how do we make the page auto-refresh?

You could use a Chrome extension like this - Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor - Chrome Web Store

My area has 5 Plaids, if you want to buy them :slight_smile:


Shipping isn’t available as of last Saturday because Tesla wants to roll as many as possible for quarter-end reporting

Just ordered 2 LETS GOO


for real?! Nicely done :raised_hands:t4:

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We have experienced Tesla declining to move vehicle from one province to another in Canada but no reports of that in the US so far. Some reports of in-production vehicles not getting the OK to be released and some transit issues, but nothing major so far. I’ll keep an eye out!

My wife ordered a Model 3 LR less than a week ago, 9/8/21. Our order updated over the weekend to delivery anticipated 9/24/21. We know that number is not etched in stone, but it was originally scheduled for December.


My model 3 performance time frame changed from 9/19 to 9/30. Don’t really need it ASAP. But it’s always nice not to wait for the new toy

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My 2 deliveries are 9/23 and 9/23…. Till then I’m walking