How to get a great deal on a SQ5

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This is an amazing platform and I wish I found it years ago.

I am looking to get a new SQ5 Prestige. I saw somebody post in late December with a sub $600 monthly payment and maxing out MSDs. This looked like a great deal to me. Any advice on what I should do to replicate this? Should I contact a broker on the forums?

I have another 3 month on my current Honda Accord lease ($275/months) but I want to start strategizing on when to best move ahead and I could break this lease anytime if I get a good deal.

Thanks for any insight.

Welcome. Audis lease notoriously badly (due to factors like high MF, low RV, weak incentives, etc) and that deal was during Season of Audi when incentives are much better than now.

Firstly, I’d advise that you instead look at a Premium Plus trim. They lease much better than a Prestige (which has much worse RV than P+).

Secondly, I’d adjust your expectations since incentives aren’t great now. Go to the Edmunds forums for SQ5 and gather the relevant info (MF, RV, incentives in your zip code) so you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

At that point you can try to call/email dealers for offers or reach out to NJ/NY area brokers here.

Do you know how much DAS was in that December deal? Have a link? Was it this deal from @Siejammy ? Bc that deal included loyalty, Season of Audi cash and about $700 DAS (excl 1st month) so all rolled in it was closer to mid 600s.

Understood, yes it was the deal from the link but he reposted this a few days later:

which was sub $600, but I will go to Edmunds. I am not in a rush and really can wait until Mid June just wanted to start looking.

Hi there, yes that second link would have been my deal if I didn’t roll $1k of negative equity into my deal. With that said, like NJ noted, I had nearly $4k in incentives lined up including $1k Audi loyalty since it was during their holiday sales promotion. You will not achieve the same at the moment on '19s so your best bet will be to hold off until Summer of Audi kicks off in late Spring.

Thanks, I appreciate that; really helpful. My lease expires at the end of June so that might work out greatly then.

Just got offered a 2019 navarra blue/red interior with fine nappa, b and o, carbon inlays for $560 w/ 3,500 up front. I dont know the details of what are incentives taxes etc. I take the MSRP is around $62,500 and I live in NJ.

What do you think?

Hard to say without knowing the sell price, incentives, MF, etc. Does the 3500 include 1st month?

Yes, it includes the first month. The car is $62,500 I said I am willing to put down $3,500 and asked for the absolute lowest monthly payment…they first said $600 and then came down to $560 for 39 months and 10K miles.

634 all rolled in on a 62.5k Audi is very solid

What about maxing MSDs?

You need to ask the dealership

You should be able to do better. I just secured a 19’ S4 fully loaded MSRP 64k

$3k down
max out MSD - 5625
MF- .00015

montly payment -555 with tax in NJ


I’ve been trying to get a 600/mo with 2500 down to cover acq/tax etc for a while now, almost there I hope. Have to go out of state since Audi dealerships in and around Chicago aren’t willing to discount.

The issue with SQ5 vs the S4 is that the MF is crazy good on S4. SQ5 min MF after MSD’s is 0.00121


Gonna agree with @PeterK here. The MF is making the SQ5 higher than an S4. I think @chopapeih’s offer is pretty good, would be even better if he maxed out MSDs.

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Yes but given the price difference in the MSRP he should be able to get the same monthly payment as me right?

Not necessarily. With MF that high, it can negate the diff. Are the MSRPs so far apart? Looks like a grand and change

It’s 1540 difference

Also he’s at 10k miles a year

Mine is 12k

Thanks for all the input!

This came from a dealership in Manhattan, i will check NJ where i can do MSDs on Monday…seems there is some corporate pressure to move product in March.