HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read!


Hello everyone, just a quick question although I’m not sure if anyone will know the answer. I’m a Stellantis employee and can get an EP control number which I believe is good for 3% below invoice. I assumed I would be able to do a little better than everyone else is doing with the 1% affiliate@6-7% total below but so far it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Just wondered if anyone knew how that worked. Thanks for all the info!!!

If I were to buy it out, do I need to pay sales tax? What’s the formula here. I’m asking because I’m debating whether to do one pay or not.

My understanding is that to buy it out, the balance is the base payment without tax times 35 (or whatever that is left) plus the RV. No sales tax added. Is this correct?

Have you reached out to Gupton or @Clutch? I’d check with them to see if it’s possible to stack that code with whatever dealer discounts are being offered, like the Affiliate code. It’s possible that it might not work like that.

That depends on which state you live in. Who is that related to doing one pay or not?

I live in California.

There are similar threads about this CA policy. Search and you will find about it.

Yeah I’ve gotten pricing from a few of the recommended dealers including Gupton but I also don’t think they normally deal with employees so I’m not too sure. I will check with @Clutch though, thank you!

I did check that out. Seems to involve a lot of steps that are out of our control. Do you think one pay is worth it if I want to buy it out? Is my calculation right?

There is no need to do one pay if you are going to buy the car shortly after signing. You will pay sales tax depending on your buy out price. (Or not pay anything if you go with the exemption route if you follow all the steps)

It saves a lot in terms of interest cost.

You won’t pay interest on remaining payments if you buy out the lease, so one pay is pointless if you’re immediately buying it out.


Care to post who that dealer is.

Ok, who here has a black or granite rubie 4xe in Tampa with Louisiana temp tag? :slight_smile:

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Chapman CJDR

I’m in the same situation over here contemplating if I can get away with leaving it in my parking spot. :grin:

I saw a granite one out here in Pasco today. Wonder if it was the same one? I wasn’t able to check out the tag. Its making me rethink my white color choice though, it was gorgeous!

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I saw this one at the Gandy Walmart around 9:30pm. Parking lot was too poorly lit to see if it was black or granite though :slight_smile:

Picked my build up from Gupton yesterday.

Overall very smooth and easy process.
Great people there and they have the process locked down by now, definite pros. I did a test drive, checked fuses, checked fluids, checked tool kit/bags, etc and they were all there.

Sahara build with black hard top, cold weather package, and Gorilla Glass.
There were about 5 other babies there waiting to be picked up by their adoptive parents.

A few tips:

  • Reach out to your sales rep and see if they can protect the RV for ya from your order date (if it makes sense). Renee / Daniel were able to hold June’s RV (65%) which was helpful.

  • If you are a first time leasee like me, run the numbers before you go and understand it for when you sign. Had I not spent so much time on the forum, an honest mistake they made on RV would not have been caught by myself, which wouldn’t have been in my favor. My numbers still don’t 100% match the calculator (off by a few dollars), still trying to figure that out.

  • Enjoy it! These Jeeps are nice cars - thanks to OP @vinny and everyone else for sharing what you learned. Awesome price and option in today’s market (1st Month+Fees DAS + ~$360/month for PA)! Can’t wait to take the top off, turn on 90s on 9, and go back to the high school days, :slight_smile:


Follow up for the crowd: Anyone from PA know for sure if the $7500 is a “taxed incentive” or an “untaxed incentive”?

Untaxed in PA

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