HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

They all basically use a twin clutch set up. Nothing has changed for 24.

Mine is perfectly fine in neighborhood driving in all modes

Same. 10 characters.

Yup. SOT is the best part of the wrangler imo


I feel like I leased the SOT and the Jeep just came with it. I must have a convertible and need a useable back seat. Wrangler was the only vehicle that met both criteria. I left money on the table with every flip I had because they all had SOT but could not risk getting stuck with Jeep without it.


Maybe I’ll change my mind in the winter but I am soft top all day. The SOT is convenient but it’s just not the same as having the top all the way down, let alone going doors off and top all the way down. SOT is a compromise I can’t make let alone pay more for. Same for hard top.

So take the SOT off when you want it all the way off

It’s not like that is easy or convenient to do. That is not an easy feat and voids warranty is my understanding. It’s not meant to be taken off.

The SOT is a really cool piece of engineering, it’s just jot for me.

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It comes off easier than the hard top if you have something to support it. Its like 8 bolts.

Interesting. Well that is intriguing then.

You guys are clearly underestimating the zombie threat.

Hardtop ftw.

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I’ve done doors off and rear side windows out with SOT and I think it is pretty close to soft top down. Envy that you can make soft top work as you save $4K or whatever they charge for it now. Plus I wouldn’t risk repairs on SOT out of warranty. And SOT rocks in winter.

I’m in TX, so I can open the top in morning and evening and have the vehicle totally enclosed during the heat of the day. It requires no effort or time vs the hard top panels or the base soft top.


Anyone know for the SFS loyalty rebate, can you get qualified twice within the same year?

Does it have to be an expiring lease to get the SFS loyalty rebate or as long as it’s current SFS or CCAP lease?

Current is perfectly fine. Not sure if you can double dip, but nothing in the fine print of the rebates as you can’t

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You can use a vin twice I believe all time. Current lease works.

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Does anyone know how to change your affiliate# in your fca account?

I had AccessFund previously and now want to replace with Tread Lightly but I don’t see a way to change it. I sent FCA CS an email but have not heard back.


I’d just create a new account


Thanks, that’s probably the easiest solution.