HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 4)

What was the scariest?

No one will know december numbers until december.

How’s the MMR for 2022 4xe rubis

I did a manual appraisal with Carvana, it was weird because mine wasn’t registered, they said they couldn’t give me a number. They emailed me 2 days later with 50k, 64k MSRP Sahara. How do a lot of people get decent numbers on these? I get nothing but shit, but I’m also in shitty NJ.

Good luck! Even with manual appraisal, carmax was crap for me in NJ. All of the online buyers were. My only path was to email every large dealer in the state I could think of until someone came through. Did that twice and came out OK in the end. One buyer was Pine Belt and the other Hollman.

Yea I’m not ready yet so I haven’t really given it much effort, and I know value is gonna go down even further in a month when I have to get out of it, but just another reason NJ sucks.

Anyone flipped recently in northern CA? How are they looking …

A friend just completed a 56k sale of a 61k Sahara 23’ with just SOT. Was actually sweaty cause all
other offers were under water. Plus they dragged it out waiting for a title record even though we had plates and permanent registration.

Sold 62k sahara today for 55k today


Thanks. A rubi I am considering will work out to 54.3k (Msrp 63.k), not sure if it is worth the hassle.

You should be able to walk away with a couple

What area you in?

NE….Mass. small CDJR dealer

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Has anyone tried to sell with Clutch or AC lately? I sold my last one through Clutch, but haven’t seen anyone post about selling through them lately.

AC stopped buying, clutch offers have been low.


Ugh, I’m probably looking at a bit of a loss, but I’ll have to get out regardless, it’s only gonna get worse. I will have to give an official thank you to Jeep for giving me the opportunity the last 2 years ordering, selling, and driving the 4XEs, but I’ll be out after this one.

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I think this is the finale for most of us, at least it is for me. It was great while it lasted.


4 part thread will finally close lol?

Anyone else gets text messages like this and wants to respond “which Jeep”? :wink:


Hello, looking for rec’s regarding FORM mode:
Round trip to work is roughly 25 miles and total driving is about 50 minutes round trip. Car has been in FORM mode for about 3 days. Any idea how to get out of it or how much longer/way to accelerate the process? Thank you!