HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

How is the dealer get dinged if you sell in 90 days? and why?
I assume not many would care what happens to dealer, also I don’t understand why dealer is dinged for a customer behavior?

Can you please explain this dinged part more?

People are also buying the vehicles that are flipped here. close to MSRP or higher than MSRP used vehicles. I guess some people don’t research enough or just ok to pay premium to get vehicle immediately.

Just because it’s about a Jeep

CCAP has to approve and initiate the loan, they charge the dealer back something like $250 if the loan/lease isn’t in place for 90 days. No idea why. The dealers also don’t want it to look like they’re selling cars to be flipped, so if they dealer is helping us out by discount nearly 10%, try to keep the car 90 days from the time the loan/lease was created with CCAP. Piss enough dealers off and we won’t have many left to work with.


Because no such deal exists. The rent charge alone is nearly that much.

$285 is not $200. Adding in gov fee, it is over $310/mo.


What an insane lawsuit, welcome to America I guess.

At least they say he will be covered by dealership’s insurance :expressionless:

What dealer did you use that allowed you to sign virtually? Mine is telling me they have to overnight paperwork, then I have to get it notarized and then send it back. Here’s the fun part - they warned me that it may take up to a week and a half for it to get approved AFTER they receive the paperwork.

Does anyone know how much the Chrysler Capital acquisition fee is currently?

Hey guys how’s it going?

I ordered a rubicon 4xe back in December and was quoted a monthly payment of 492/mo.

Fast forward 5 month my car is sitting on the dealer lot and they’re quoting me a monthly payment of 627/mo.

Do these numbers make sense?

Thank you in advance. First time lease hacker here so forgive me for any mistakes.

Check out the last 200 posts. Residuals dropped and money factor went up. Looks correct besides the acq fee maybe.


Nice build. You bought or leased?

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Looks accurate. Only thing I see as a possible change is the acquisition fee. Depending on your region, this is being waved on 36-month leases.

I don’t think I can share the dealer name, but it was @Clutch’s Southern dealer. Amazing to work with and even arranged economical shipping for me. They did a Zoom call with me, used Docusign or something similar and got it all knocked out.


I bought it
I didn’t plan on selling it

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Really? I’m in NY

How were they with leasing numbers? Pretty aligned with LH/CCAP numbers?

NE acq fee is waived for 39 month

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