HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

I agree - when I was at the dealer he told me should only take 20 days for registration- yet here we are at day 32 and the state still has no record of anything. When I did myself last year title was issued in 7 days

Edit - however, for those with delayed funding as well would that also stop the clock from starting on potential penalties for the dealer?

These are Chapman orders? I don’t think they are that smart or concerned about flippers. Think they are just overwhelmed and not very thorough lately.

Mine wasn’t Chapman - LC’s dealer

I would think so

My one-pay lease with Chapman signed almost a month ago finally showed up on my account this morning. Very strangely, my one pay amount that I paid is showing as almost 5k higher than what I actually paid (about 18k vs. 13k).

Just obtained a payoff and ultimately my buyout/payoff is right where it should be (there is a higher than expected “current purchase price” which is offset by the higher than expected “unpaid monthly payments”). So no effect to me either way it appears but still very odd.

1/13 Rubicon
Hydro blue
Painted hardtop and fenders
Black satin grille
Cold weather

Arrived to dealer yesterday, beyond quick on this one


This isn’t really strange. The one pay amount is the total depreciation and rent charge. It does not include taxes/fees and doesn’t include the $7500 rebate (the $7500 rebate essentially pays the taxes/fees and the balance makes up the almost $5k more than the cash you paid)


My 12/23 order (2022 Sahara, cold weather group, gorilla glass, sky one touch) is in shipping stage. Dealer ETA is still unknown. Jeep wave indicated week of 3/5. Any chances this guy hits Gupton before March?

I guess that makes sense. But this is my third one-pay lease and the first two reflected exactly what I paid.

It may be a difference in how the dealer writes it up or on how a particularly bank does things.

There was discussion in this thread a few days back about someone doing a one pay and the numbers showing $24k, $19k, and $15k all on the same deal and that’s what was going on.

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I still can’t wrap my head around this. This is nearly my spec and mine is still collecting parts…ordered in November :man_facepalming::joy:


It seems LIFO with Jeep…smh


It is strange… when I was thinking I’d be ordering a Bronco there was a lot of transparency about what specific parts constraints would hold up a build and what you could order to speed one along. Other than you poor souls waiting on a HA, it’s really tough to discern here and examples like this where identical builds move with very different timing.

Could the zone/dealer play a role? I hear a lot about “allocations” with other orders but assuming once your in it shouldn’t matter.

It’s my belief that every time you reach out to Jeep chat or check crypto stickers it delays it by one more day


Was thinking the same thing…backs it up two days if you ask JC and the dealer for an update on the same day.


did the dealer not allow if you wanted to do it yourself. It can be annoying to deal with dmv for some, but it maybe faster

For reals? Their scheduling has been a mystery for a long time. If you want to read internet conspiracy theories on why Jeeps are built in no order whatsoever, go over to the JL forum.
I really doubt anyone knows why they schedule the way they do, but the theories can be entertaining.


It just occurred to me as I was scouring rentals. Would the Wrangler 4xe be the perfect candidate for a buyout after you sign the lease and put it on Turo?

Until the first renter decides it needs to be put into 4 low to drive around the neighborhood


Or until it randomly shuts down, enters FORM, etc.