HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


What did you order?

Wanna give us any hints to such vehicles?

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Do share if you’ve got details :slight_smile:



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@AutoCompanion is obviously referencing the Porsche GT3RS flip from here EthanRS Exotic Hacking Thread


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Mine too on the same truck heading to Tustin CA. I was out of the country and it didn’t affect me the delay much but I’m a bit concerned about the car.

I’m just not understanding how people are flipping these for a profit. I’m not sure if its my location or what, but there is little value there from what I can see. I wouldn’t mind picking one up, but I don’t want to be stuck with it for 3 years either… :rofl:

If you do not get one from a dealer that is heavily discounting with reasonable dealer fees it is not likely to be a fruitful pursuit.

Question about the EV Tax Credit and the Rubicon.
What is the MSRP cap to get the EV Tax Credit? Does the Rubicon, or certain fully loaded Rubicon make the tax credit void? It’s not too hard to check all the boxes and load it up to $70,000.

Looks like residuals in these went south 2-3% tentatively.

That gets the spockvr6 “hrrrrrrrmph” treatment😢

2%-3% drop across Sahara, HA and Rube 4xe?

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I was checking our desking software and if it is correct looks like 2% across all. I would wait for something official. MF was .00134

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Keep in mind this is for 2021 models. I would assume 2022 would be higher.

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The cap in the build back better act proposed language last week had a cap on SUVs at $69k. That’s, of course, all subject to change based on what actually passes.

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Even at 8-8.5% off of MSRP, I don’t foresee any profit to be had…

What are you basing your “selling” price on? If it’s carvana offers, they seem to be significantly lower than most other buyers.

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Going forward, who knows. Historically, at that discount percentage, there have been a myriad of successful sales.

Acq fee waiver gone for New England / Northeast this month @ 36

Booooo!!! Hisssss!!!


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