HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


:us: Made Baby.

Nice gap :tooth:


White and saddle is gorgeous. Enjoy it!

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This thing is MEAN. Nice Build

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Yes, good call, I added that info as well.

Yes, all base numbers are 15k annual. I added info for low milage options. Thanks :wink:

As mentioned earlier the Lease Tier bump is extended.


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Thanks for this. Great news!

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You’re making me anxious for our Rubicon (not 4XE) Snazzberry/Saddle to show up!! That thing looks great!

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Snazzberry rubi is a STUNNING machine. I am jealous. That will look amazing with saddle

I had a 392 in Snazzberry and it was amazing. You will love it

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Where’d you get the MF sheet from? It’s not posted on the Chrysler site.

Thanks for posting this. Was there a list of which states fall under which areas?

Totally agree, Thanks! We will be putting the wheels from our current JK onto it right away too. :sunglasses:

I’m thinking of getting those bronze Rubicon Hood decals and bronze trimmed badges to match the wheels too.

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It’s on there…
unless I just grabbed the September one by accident. 0_0

Ya, I effed up… good catch.

Sahara 4xe $56,245 MSRP ($54,725 original) 36m/10k $341.35 month with $1k down (NJ tax included, but not tags)

LH score 13.5 years. I pick her up in the next week or so. Thanks everyone at LH!


I don’t think your RV is accurate? Or was it sold order protected?

Yours finally landed! Congrats

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For everyone asking about the GC 4xE, doesnt look like these will be available to order until atleast november from what information weve gathered.


No, not that I know of.

Yes, it was sold order protected by Gupton. I ordered on June 16 when the Sahara RV was 65% for 36m/10k.


Can’t wait to see how these turn out. Looks like GC’s are hot hot right now looking at what 2019-20 models are getting bought for used. a 65% RV with the 7500 rebate should hopefully make for a sweet deal.

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