HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Ayy I work for that little hospital in Hackensack, ordered my hydro HA from leasecompanion this week, 9.5% as long as affiliate holds whenever it comes in and i’ll have to go DC. Philly probably could have been a good idea but oh well, i’m overall happy!


U get hit with the acquisition fee?

Nope. It was waived for the NE for Sept :+1:

Dope !! Hoping October stays the same for me but unlikely. Congrats on the shiny new truck

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These ones - the lip sits in the window channel. I’ve had them before for other Jeeps and they work great. Just have to make sure they are lag bolted into the studs, or concrete walls

Not that we needed further confirmation, but the FCA Affiliate site officially shows Wrangler gone from the eligible vehicle list as of 10/1/21.

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Does that apply to new orders only or even who ordered and had the affiliate code since August?

They should probably update the picture!


That’s a Gladiator :wink:

I think only the specific dealer you’re working with is going to be the most accurate source of info regarding affiliate. It appears some are honoring existing orders with no issue, some are honoring existing orders if they have your control number ASAP, and some are removing the 1% completely. No clue but I’m asking my dealer tomorrow.

6/23 order update, granite sahara, shipped 8/23, arrived dealer 9/23, waiting on delivery to SoFlo
7/12 (friend’s order), delivered 9/16
8/4 order, arrived at dealer 9/28 (haven’t heard from Gupton yet though, they’re likely swamped, I’m hoping I don’t get screwed with October acq fee.
8/30 (friend’s order), now in “framing”.

All saharas with most of the options (advanced safety, safety, all weather floor mats, gorilla glass, 7/12 and 8/30 have Sky one-touch etc.)

What dealer and where is South Florida?

To the people frustrated about not getting their vehicle before October rates start and incentives potentially change. You know what you were getting in to. You knew the timeline would be 2-3 months, just because it’s the end of the month doesn’t change anything. The dealership has no obligation to rush to get you the vehicle by any deadline. Imagine receiving 150 vehicles at once and needing to process them for everyone. It’s going to take several days. If affiliate doesn’t end up working you end up paying a few extra bucks a month, not a big deal. It’s fine to be frustrated but don’t take it out on the people working at the dealership to get these deals done.


So are orders for 2021 Wranglers officially closed or what? Lmao :rofl:

Boarding a plane to go get mine!


Especially when we are getting them below invoice…while almost every other dealer isn’t budging off of 10% + MSRP

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That reminds me, I’ve got to complain to my broker about this morning’s traffic. Plus my 12 year old has a 7:15 AM hockey game he needs to be at in Rye, NY tomorrow AM.


Here are the new acquisition waivers. Assuming almost everyone is going for 36 months, Great Lakes lost 36 month waiver, and both Midwest and Southeast gained 36 month waivers.

RV is unchanged, 10k is still 62/63 and 12k is still 61/62 for Rubi/Sahara respectively.

Tier bump extended as well.


I think northeast gained it as well

No acq fee last month in Northeast

We did have one in August, though

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