How to generate TDM codes for Jeep


Just curious.
Does it give me any additional rebates?
My lease with CCAP is ending in less than 12 months

Working still today ! Amazing site, thank you to everyone for their input. I was able to snag a code tonight just after midnight .

You qualify for lease loyalty for the stellantis vehicles that currently have a lease loyalty incentive

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Can somebody please confirm if the current Jeep TDM includes the Wrangler 4xe (Rubicon X trim if that matters)? Have a deal on the goal line but haven’t generated the TDM yet and want to confirm if it’s applicable or not. Thanks!

Yes, it does. Just no 392

Thanks for confirming - will try and generate a TDM code tonight then.

Been trying to get one for the 4xe this last week, no dice :crazy_face:

Did you have any luck? Can’t get a jeep TDM

Did you try at midnight est? I generated a couple last night.

I did, on my Mac & iPhone. Maybe I need to reset my browser cache and try again.

Incognito mode is your friend. Close out the incognito browser completely and re-open every time it doesnt pop up.

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PM’ed you bro. TIA

PM’ed you. TIA

Have you followed the info in the thread at midnight est?