How to find out lease support end?

A term lease support came up which I assume means that a dealer can’t lease this car anymore and he has to get rid of it by selling it and it means incentive for him to discount it . I am curious on how to find when does the lease support ends for a specific car so you can learn about the leverage you have ?
I understand it’s usually 24 months from the first release / delivery date ? If it makes it easy, I am asking about Audi e tron lease support end where I can still see probably 800+ 2019 cars for sale

Lease support for the 2019 Audi e-tron continues through August. You can check on edmunds forums.

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Domestics end previous model year near the end of the calendar year. Some Asian brands extend into the first quarter of new calendar year. German brands usually do as well. Some specific models may or may not go longer. 24 months from release is relatively rare, but it does happen on a couple specific cars here and there. It is definitely not the “norm” however

Edmunds will know. Though they usually don’t have that info for US Bank or Ally leases.