How to calculate expected trade in value?


I’m trying to estimate trade in value for my current lease, when upgrading to a new car (lease also).
Is there any rough estimator? Delta between KBB and the buy off value is pretty significant (13k).
How should I approach it? (I want to upgrade 2016 Corvette to a new one, not sure if C7 or C8).

Put in a quote with Vroom, Carvana or Carman to give you a ballpark.

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Doesn’t matter what KBB says. It is worth what someone is willing to pay and the best way to find out was mentioned above. Check with vroom, carvana and carmax.


Check also the Corvettes for Sale section on the Corvette forum for ideas of what private sales prices get quick action and which ones sit and languish. The Corvette market is one fickle mistress–lots of people are extremely emotionally attached to Vettes, and the price for used ones gets all wonky. I think it’s a side effect of being an aspiration car for the working people.