How to calculate a lease for a Demo/Loaner C300?

I’ve gotten quoted $390/month for a 36/10k lease on a C300 loaner. Unfortunately, I dont know the cap, MF, RV they used and I assume they are different as this car does have 5k miles on it.

Can anyone help figure out if it is Leasehackr approved? Based on Edmund’s numbers, the MF is 0.00127 and RV is 62%. However, that is for a new vehicle.

This is for just first month+ DMV at signing.

If the car has never “had title” (aka dealer plates only), they are considered NEW cars so all the numbers apply. 5K miles is not too bad, you need to negotiate a huge discount to make it work as the mileage counts

So get the MSRP & the rest of the normal numbers (Leasing 101 > Calculate Lease Payments by Hand) you may need 20-25% off to make this a good deal

The rule of thumb for lease discount is .25c per mile.

so .25 x 5000 = additional $1,250.

Dealers can also flag a vehicle as ‘demo’ and get often get rebated additional monies.