How to Buyout a leased car

I had recently leased a 2019 C300 Coupe 4Matic for 36months and a monthly payment of 578/month with a 3000 down and 10K miles/year.
I’m interested to buyout the lease car I bought, but so far leasing the car had only been 2 months and in order to buyout the leased car, I’m thinking by market value and depreciation point of view when would be the best time to buyout the leased car ?
And other than after leasing these many months buying at the car at what time and what terms I need to consider to lookup to get a best cheaper deal ?
I’m basically looking to buyout with a less pain and use it till I can sell and buy an other car again.

Please share your suggestions


It really does not matter when you buy it out since your buyout will just be the residual plus remaining payments. My suggestion would be to ride out the lease and see if you change your mind at the end because who knows what will happen in 3 years. Also some companies like BMW will have a market adjustment discount at the end of the lease if you want to buy it.


If you are planning on driving this car till the wheels fall off, buy it as soon as you can get a loan that at least meets or betters the current MF amount. There is no other advantage really. Market value and depreciation won’t affect what you ultimately owe for it, and the likelihood you can negotiate a better price at turn in is very rare. In other words, you owe what is on your contract, regardless of market conditions…

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Wait til the very end… you might not actually want the car after all. Or maybe your financial situation will have changed. Or maybe they’ll start offering discounts on RV like in 2009.

You never really know but there’s hardly any net upside to buying it out early.

If your intent was to buy it, you shouldn’t have leased it in the first place. Paid $1,095 acq for nothing … and lost the chance to use any promotional APRs such as 0.9%

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Right, I should not bought this lease in first place but might need to consider on sub-leasing it or something if I want to get an another vehicle by chance.
But currently I like keeping it, might need to think while I age.
Thanks for your pov,