How to buy this lease with IFCU loan?

Hi, I am trying to but my leased Honda using an Interior FCU loan. Confused about process as it is my first time. Do i just apply online and ask them to send the payment to HFS? DO i need to do any thing with HFS before i apply to IFCU?
IFCU say bill of sale in required documents? How do i get that from Honda?

If any body can guide me, that will be very helpful.

[Response below presumes that your state and lessor allow this, and you’ve confirmed that you don’t have to go through a dealer]

Apply for the loan and provide the lender with the payoff statement from HFS. The lender will pay off the lessor and they’ll exchange whatever documents they need from one another.

For my buyout (in Ohio) I had to do some DMV legwork, but I received clear instructions on what I had to do and when. I won’t go into that process, since it’s probably different in NY.

You should be able to get a payoff letter from HFS through their online portal. You can also call them and they will email it to you. Share that letter with the lender and they’ll know what to do from there.

I’m guessing you’re not approved yet since you haven’t applied. That’s the first step. Get approved and make sure you’re satisfied with their terms (APR, etc).

Every institution is just a little bit indifferent. It’s best to call them and find out their process straight from the horses’ mouth. If they cannot communicate well, that is a big red flag. This is a chance for you to see if they are easy or PITA to work with.