How the lease maintenance cost?

This is my first lease and I want to know how I should negoniate with dealers about the maintennance and warranty. It seems that leasee pay for the maintennance but I have no idea about it. What maintennance is needed for a new car with 2years/12k miles? and how much it cost?

Just read the owner manual. I’m sure just oil changes every 7,500 miles or so for only 24,000 miles. What did you lease?

As far as the warranty goes, that is the beauty of leasing, if something is wrong, tell them to fix it! You never have to pay for repairs when you lease a new car every 2-3 years!

Thanks. I am consiering the Kia in this website. Thanks to the information here.
So the warranty means they are responsible for the repairs? Will this include in the paperwork? If so then it is really good.

But Kia is not responsible for wear and tear items such as brakes, tires etc

If something breaks that is not supposed to break under normal use, then yes your warranty will cover it. So if your transmission fails or something catastrophic like that, the manufacturer will cover repairs.

But if you somehow wear out the tires or brakes, or get into an accident, that’s on you to fix.

You should be able to find the warranty for any new car listed online. Read it to see what it covers.

The only thing I’m paying for on my lease will be the oil changes and so far after 7500 miles I’ve only had it done once and the first one was free thru Honda , did have condensation in drivers side headlight but they replaced it free of charge