How much of an increase in MF can you expect from Tier 1 to Tier 2 credit?

Over the last year my credit has dropped from a Tier 1 score to a Tier 2. I am assuming this is due to my available credit when I lost my job last year- I am currently working on debt.

I got a decent interest rate on a used car from my Credit Union but I have had my eye on leasing. How much should I expect the MF to increase from what a Tier 1 customer can get vs a Tier 2? Will this vary a lot on the make? I do not have my mind made up on a car, I have just been looking for a “good deal”.

Bump for the same information.

at lease $50 difference?

Will depend on the lease program particulars for each model. Check out the recent Camaro article as one data point for consideration - it show significant (but not tremendous) bump in MF for Tier 2:

Note that I think all Camaro MFs have crept up since this article.

That’s roughly what I thought. My concern is that my FICO Auto Enhanced might not be the same as my FICO 8 and that would impact the MF.

This is part of the reason I am waiting until July.