How much Is left on the table? BMW 430 coupe MSRP 54,300 sale price 42,900

Just wondering how much I can squeeze out of them more. Total discount is about 21% and you’d swear I was ripping off a leg to this dealer. Curious to hear how much lower I can push. I’d like to get the monthly into the 3s including tax.

This produces a monthly of 431 including tax FYI

Is that sales price including rebates/incentives? Is the car new or a loaner?

Sorry I would have sworn I included that, my bad. The car is a loaner and it does not include the 3,000 rebate. It’s under 5,000 miles.

That’s a really good deal on a 4 series. Not sure if you can do much better.

If you got 21% before rebates…sign it. Just check the MF, sometimes they don’t do buyrate at a discount that large.

Thanks, sort of bummed to know I mostly reached the top end of what I can get. In any case I will still try for more since I was planning on getting it at the end of the month anyway and its 2 dealers matching.

Just remember that the BMW dealer pocketed all the incentives and rebates when they turned it into a loaner so remember that you need to negotiate as if the car was already discounted below MSRP.
Used loaners need to be inspected by a private body shop as you never know if they did any in house body repair/replacements…

that’s not true. Loaners under 5k are still eligible for rebates.

Who cares…it’s a lease.

If there’s more than two cars then sure, you can take the risk of doing the waiting game, just be aware they can be sold while you wait.