How much $ a month for GMC YUKON SLT AWD SUV?

anyone know what I should expect to pay a month, with hopefully 0 down and good credit in SF Bay Area?
Looking for YUKON SUV with leather and AWD, 12k a year, the rest doesn’t matter.
This is my dream car and wanted to see if I would be able to attain with Leasehackr’s help

Thank you in advance!

anyone know? I want to lease this week

What trim level & msrp?

Residual for Yukon SLE 4x4 36/15 or Yukon SLE 4x4 36/12 are both 66%.

SLT or Denali trims have much lower residuals.

This may not help but i had a 2105 yukon sle lease extra were power lift and park assist.

i paid $1400 down $631 month with for 15k a year 35 payments.

thats helps, but pricy

Are you ok with no leather seat?

Sorry for the delay i was on a long trip and forgot my password for my account :slight_smile:

i prefer no leather seats. They dont feel cold on cold day or burn you on hot days.

Is everything ok with Yukon?
Most ppl saying Yukon has a lot of problems and headache. But Tahoe is not same as Yukon.
How about you?
I am looking for the good deal for Yukon SLT.
Do you have any problem?

I would never buy a Yukon / Tahoe. Lease short term to enjoy ok. But after 8 months or so. The Yukon just felt “off”

I duno how to explain it. But it drove heavier and felt like it wasn’t well built.

Again cool looking SUV. I wouldn’t want it long term.