How many eTron did LH's get in March 2021 :)


I’m surprised that the numbers didn’t move more from Feb to March… I’m also surprised how many vehicles have the exact same numbers for Jan and Feb… I’m skeptical on the quality of the data there.


Lol, I ended up geting one in March. 24 mos/12k $399/mo plus tax. Premium version. fun car so far. I didn’t get as great a deal as many in CA and elsewhere did…these OH Audi dealers are stubborn.

@michael @littleviolette should create some kind of simple app for members to log when/how they transacted. Data would be interesting and perhaps even valuable to build out the LH biz.


I got 5…1 for me and 4 for non-LH friends.


Where at in Ohio? I’ve still got a little over 2 years on my Volvo lease, but seems like a great deal. Wouldn’t mind keeping OH dealership in mind for future reference if you’d recommend them.

I got one in March too. The deal was okay 36 mos/10K 577/month, tax included. Premium Plus with Black Optic package. Not a great deal, but it was OK. Had to work for it in GA.


I don’t think these numbers are accurate…


That’s good price for premium plus, very close to what I was quoted for P+ but ended up spending a little less on the premium only that had msrp right around 69600

My MSRP was 79,915, so it wasn’t to bad :roll_eyes:

Check out our blog post on this very topic! :slight_smile: