How low can you go?


On my way into work this morning…near Minneapolis


Yikes and I was complaining about 7 in Upstate NY.


At least I know my Volvo will run when the vortex hits NY.


Balmy +9 in Pittsburgh


we have people in scarves, thick winter jackets and winter boots walking around if you can believe it


Its for the gram – gotta stunt the Canada Goose parka

Tomorrow gonna be worse


Lol I just got home from Miami. 50-60 and cloudy/raining all week!


yea, we have it real rough down here :sunglasses:


Wow. That’s insane. I lived in Chicago for 7 years, and the coldest it ever got was -10. And I thought that was cold. Nice digital instrument cluster, looks slick.


I got on a plane at MCO heading back to PIT years ago when some “cold” snap came through and it was in the low-mid 60s there. I hopped on in shorts and a T-shirt while people in big heavy winter coats and hats looked at me like I was a moron.


LMAO !!! Yes its a “show what you got” kind of day here. People only get this chance one week a year to show off that they can dress in fake designer winter clothing :stuck_out_tongue:


Severe weather coming to LA. Need to find my umbrella. :frowning_face:


brrrr…my heart bleeds for you :grin:


we are about to get a snow squall – wtf


I hit -30 in Fairbanks once on my rental. The heater blew ice cold air…figure the car was like, you are lucky I am even running.


Commuting at 5am on a Wednesday when it’s -25 out? I am… so sorry…


Gotta make the lease payment no?


The bigger question should be what the hell is he doing taking a picture of his dash doing 72 down the highway?


I just saw he was going 72 – maybe auto-pilot


yeah, im not advocating taking pictures of your dash while driving, but its much safer on an empty highway with adaptive cruise on than on city streets