How long to find/negotiate a lease?

Hello LH. I just found this site through a friend who swore by it. I have a lease that after reviewing some of the basics on this site, was not a great deal. That said, it is up around May. I’m current in CT, will be moving to PA around when the lease is up. I have a Subaru and my wife was considering the Subaru Outback (partly for the AWD) or a Honda CRV (also AWD version).

So, my questions are:

  1. How long do you normally leave to negotiate a lease and start looking? In the past we have done it over a week or two weekends. Should I be looking sooner? How much time is put in for some of these deals? Is there a known “best time” for lease deals?

  2. Does anyone know if there is any advantage to leasing in CT or PA? I saw some discussions about MSD and taxes, but wasn’t sure how to know if one state was better than another and which was which.

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

The last two times I leased a car, I negotiated over the internet over just a couple of hours. I emailed all of the dealerships in the area and had them go at it for a while until they started telling me to piss off.

I’ve been on LH for about 1.5 yrs, been lease shopping almost continually. It is an addiction which gets in your bones. :wink:

Edit: reply meant for “twins” thread.

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Had a Pacifica as a loaner once. I have no kids and yet I’d definitely rock one. Very comfy ride…

Thanks for the feedback. Did you find someone who honored whatever the deal was via email? How did you initiate the email (ie. was it a I’m interested in model/make/options, what’s your pricing? or did you tell them specific terms to start?)