How long can we expect these crazy 2020 Bolt deals to last?

Most rebates are taxed, those that are not taxed you treat it like a discount on the sale price if the car.

So for a non car example you pay full price for a TV plus tax minus the rebates after tax.

Yes, you’re right, that’s exactly what I did.

According to Edmunds $8250 lease cash and $2500 dealer cash. So I just added $10,750 back into the sales price and added the lease cash amount to “Taxed Incentives” and $2500 into “Untaxed Incentives” and now I get $218/mo.

Interested in a Bolt in AZ myself. Talked to one dealer that was able to get to $308 all in, zero DAS, with 15k miles, but that was on an LT. Would like to see what you come up with.
Honestly, I really don’t like the Bolt but it would get me in the HOV lane and the range for that price is excellent. If it was under $250 for 15k miles it would be hard to walk away from. Or I might hold out for the Mini as I think there’s a good chance of getting it under $150 and I’d much rather drive that. Plus, that would leave me more money to throw at a cheap Tundra lease for weekend fun.

I believe the $2500 Dealer Cash is for GM suppliers so not everyone will qualify.

where’s the 2500 dealer cash? looking at edmunds right now and i see 8250 lease cash, 1400 cap cost reduction.

doesn’t edmunds say 03/05/2020 for the 8250 dealer cash?

I got $2265 off msrp and then $8500+$1500 loyalty(Volt)+$2500 dealer cash on a purchase not lease 2020 LT. Don’t know if that dealer cash applies to leases as well. I probably could have done better but I’m fine with the deal I got

LT gets $7250 lease cash , MF of 0.00051, 36/12k : 52% residual , 36/10: 53%
Premier gets $8250 lease cash, MF of 0.00053, 36/12k : 52% residual , 36/10: 53%
$1500 incentives for Volt/Bolt owners
$2500 dealer cash is all depends on dealer, some might ran out already
$500 for loyalty(other than Volt & Bolt)/currently leasing other brand.
There’s a $1400 Bay Area incentive if you live in SF Bay Area.(According to a dealer, it ends today 1/17)

Just an update, I finally contacted a dealer to see what kind of deal I can actually get and they just keep giving me the “just come in and we’ll talk about it” move. And he keeps asking what my favorite colors are and which options are really important to me. Sounds like I’m about to be bait and switched. But I’ll keep the forum updated if I can swing a good deal out of this.

Another leasehacker got $250 plus tax with $0 DAS in AZ for premier 12k

Pick a stock number and tell them that you want a sales manager to provide you with the current selling price before any rebates and incentives. If they can’t or won’t, find another dealer who will.

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This is very interesting. I just looked locally (Portland, OR) and I’m seeing the same advertised prices. 25k on 38-40k MSRP. I’m assuming that’s all incentives rolled in to the advertised price, but regardless this should be a sub 200 car. (We don’t have sales tax, but still)

I’d be all over this if I needed another car. Will be interesting to see what February and March bring!

Can you explain?

Is this true? If I’m currently leasing & trading in a Honda I would qualify?

Thank you!

Yes only for the $500 instead of $1500(only current Volt/Bolt owner qualify)

Can I get both, $1500 as current Bolt owner AND $500 as owner of another car, for a total of $2000?

I believe only one or another… can’t stack

Can’t stack conquest with loyalty with any company ever

That’s probably true for 99% of the time, but IFS did allow stacking of conquest and loyalty at one point over a year ago on the QX60.


Currently leasing a Honda works, no need to trade it in though

I’m finding that these ads are including incentives that not a lot of people will have access to. One dealership included the $1500 bolt/volt lease loyalty and a $2000 “trade-in boost” to get the price down that low. The buyer that was linked above has the best deal I’ve seen so far. I’m trying to get his exact deal but no takers yet.