How is this T6 S60 Inscription deal?

Money Factor is .00060

Residual is 55% - $27,288

MSRP - $49,615

Discount - $4,250 manufacturer lease incentive, $4,424 dealer discount. (17.4% total discount)

Monthly cost $479.80/month (I believe this is pre tax)

To me it still seems a bit high for an outgoing 2019 model. Are there any other incentives I should still be applying? The dealer seemed to have never heard of a college graduate discount, so I’m not sure if that’s across the board with volvo or just at this dealership.

I appreciate any help!

Dealer discount is low.

No college grad discount for Volvo.

Roughly what should I be looking for with the dealer discount?

10-12 is what most here would say to target, especially since we are talking about an out going 19.

Go to Edmunds to verify RV/MF/incentives.

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