How is this lease deal? 375/month 10k miles/ year. 19 Kia Niro phev EX


Ex model Stopped by and they offered me this deal. Thoughts?


Adjusted cap cost: 27,639

Residual: 54%

Residual value:18,211

Mf: .00195

Sales tax: 885

Total monthly w/tax : 376 10k miles. Seems to be good deal but not too sure.

this does come with $4500 fed rebate which they get.

Seems pretty terrible unless you get the $4500 rebate on top of that.

O damn okay. What makes it bad? I,don’t think I will keep it after the term if that matters.

And no, they keep the $4500

The MF is high - effective 4.68% interest Double check with edmunds that is buy rate MF but it looks right

The Federal rebate gets (at least partially) passed along, likely in that effective cap cost already (but you should ask for incentives broken out).

I’ve driven a few of these and they’re nice (esp the higher trim, the basic ones are extra basic) but they don’t lease well. If this is what you must have, you just need to hardball the price/payment and probably cast a much wider net. Assume this is $0 due at signing?

Yes, I just paid first months payment.

That stinks they don’t lease well but given I would save almost $100/month in gas helps a lot. Mostly liked the safety features and this ones pretty loaded.

Also I know the interest rate is high but given this will be my winter only / commuter car, I don’t mind the higher interest rate as I have no interest in keeping car past lease end date. They were initially at $449/month and came down to $375

$4943 was cap cost reduction (which I assume includes the $4500 fed rebate) and another $1149 in addl cap cost. Low mileage isn’t an issue too much as I have convertible I use during summer/spring/fall if it’s nice out. But I also don’t want to get ripped off.

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For PHEV I would consider the Ford Fusion Energi: only comes in 1 trim (loaded) and seems to finally be leasing better. For EV the BMW i3 is leasing well.

Yeah this car still leases very poorly. At least dealers aren’t asking over MSRP anymore :man_facepalming:

OP what region are you in? As John said if you can find a 2019 Fusion Energi they have massive rebates.

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Northeast. The Ford looks so crappy lol. Maybe check out the i3 as he suggested. It looks funky but if I can get lease deal under $300 would be cool as hell to try for few years.

Got an offer for LX, $278+tax, 36/12k $0 drive offs…

Thats 10% off dealer discount, trying to push to 12%

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Most CA dealers are doing $2-3k mark up for those PHEV… thats crazy…

Fusion RV only 35%… for 36/12k…lower than leaf :dizzy_face:

But $10++k incentives.

What does the interest rate (money factor) on the lease have to do with keeping it? Did you mean the residual?

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