How is this Grand Cherokee High Altitude Deal?

This is for the 2018 4x4 High Altitude Trim with 5.7 Hemi, The Quadra-Drive® II 4x4 and improved audio package.


DAS - Including taxes, fees, and first payment should add up to about 3600 which I will roll into the monthly payment.

So that $572 per month

I live in NY, but the dealer is in Jersey or PA I tihink

I’m also looking for Jeep GC Trailhawk or High Altitude. For me it doesn’t look like a great deal.
Check below post for reference and target around that price range.

I guessed on some of your numbers but something is off. They have any aftermarket crap added on? There’s about $2700 hiding somewhere.

I didn’t ask the breakdown of DAS fees yet, but it seems your calculation takes that into account. Is 795 Acquisition, 599 doc fee and 253 DMV fees standard for jeeps?

I think the acq fee is, I just used the default on the app for the others. But I doubt the fees are that much higher. I think you need more of a breakdown.

These two deals are within 1% of each other. The linked deal is a $7k cheaper vehicle, has less tax, and has $1400 in equity rolled in. When everything is added up both deals barely come in under the “1% rule”.

4% under invoice is, I believe, employee pricing on the sheet. That means technically there’s around $600 (about 1%) left of dealer profit on the table, if you really want to try and grind it out.

IMO, it’s a good deal for that trim level, for that part of the country, for this time of year.

Also, conquest is $1000 (vs loyalty of $750) and basically anything qualifies, so if you have any non FCA vehicles, that could shave a few bucks off.