How is this deal on a x3m?


I am trying to get into a x3m and was given this deal

any thoughts?

Looks pretty good. What are your incentives?

Did you confirm with Edmunds?

That’s a nice build if it’s a base and not comp.

4500 loyalty
and around 11.5% off before incentives.

confirm with edmunds?

yeah non comp… couldnt find one with comp and exec that was willing to deal lol

You’ll want to go on the Edmunds forum in the BMW section to confirm MF, RV and incentives. Based on other posts, I believe the base MF should be .00099 so there may be a little room to play there if you are so inclined.

ah okay thanks for that

looks like they are giving me .00104.

I just realized that we are talking $6 a month on the MF. Based on the nice discount they are giving, it might not be worth mentioning it. Unless of course you want an additional trip to Starbucks each month.

Hey! This is leasehackr! We try to shave off pennies here, LOL

In seriousness though, even though I am pretty cheap when it comes to signing on a lease, eventually enough is enough and the deal is good enough as it is to sign it.

lol yeah i calculated it to 6 bucks…

not sure if i want to fight anymore… after a week this was the best i could do with the spec i wanted.

i did however find an 80k spec with 15% off that came out to the same lease payment… but i didnt want the gray interior

Where is this located? Thanks!

Its a very good deal. Incentives are strong on the X3 and X4 models.
Not worth fighting over 6 bucks. The 9% tax is a killer.

You could roll the Acq fee in but then that raises your monthly requiring you to front more money for the MSD’s.

I test drove this car last year at a BMW event. It stays true to the M badge.
Congratulations and enjoy.