How is this deal? 2020 m340i

Hey all,
I wanted to pass this deal by everyone that I finally tracked down in a nearby state. How does this sound? Area for improvement (possibly try reducing doc fee more)?

  • new 2020 BMW m340i (rwd), MSRP $63720
  • 36/10 lease, 10% MSRP, buy rate MF, $2k incentives
  • acquisition fee = $974, doc fee $799, tag/title = $238

*** $1840 DAS (fees + 1st mo), $613/mo (before taxes) or $580/mo (before taxes, 7 MSDs)**

A lot to like about your deal. To help us evaluate the full scope of your deal, can you clarify:

  1. BMW offers most regions $1,000 in lease cash (July #). Is $1,000 lease cash included in your $2,000 in incentives. Can you share what makes up the $2,000.
  2. Can you confirm $57,348 Selling Price is PRE-incentives.
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  1. Incentives = $1000 lease cash, $1000 conquest (and possibly also an additional corporate discount)
  2. 10% off MSRP is pre-incentive.

Corporate will not stack with conquest. If you don’t have any other incentives, generally corporate is going to be better to use, over conquest, as it essentially gets you the higher dollar amount of the loyalty inventive.

Cool man. Good to know. Deal look pretty good otherwise?

Nice deal.

10% pre-incentive is a critical variable. Push to get as much as you can here. How hard have you negotiated to get the 10%? What pre-incentive % have you asked the dealer to hit?

Good deal check list:
Buy rate MF - CHECK
Get all the incentives you qualify for - CHECK
No down payment - CHECK
No garbage add-ons or inflated fees - $799 dealer fee sucks. I am not familiar with standard Georgia fees so I will let others comment on this point.

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I asked for 10% and they actually gave me it, hah! Maybe I should’ve been more aggressive.

I suspect they moved the dealer fee up (the $799) to compensate. I’m still pretty happy bc even without a dealer fee and closer to 9% off MSRP pre-incentive I’d be super happy. However, I’m going to push for a little more off to drive in and sign asap.

You have much to be happy about. Fight the good fight. I hope the car is in your driveway soon.

Doc fees of $600-$800 are very common in the south. These are set by the dealer and don’t vary depending on how much or little discount they want to give on any given deal.

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Thanks for the feedback all. I’m still a little in shock that I found a dealer that literally just agreed to my lease finance request… given how horrific some of the offers I got at other dealers were.

Kudos BC! Send pix.

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What was the deal?

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It was a 36 mnth 10k mileage on a $49k 2021 m235i gran coupe .

It was a 36 mnth 10k mileage on a $49k 2021 m235i gran coupe .–

This is really helpful.


Do you know how to interpret your lease contract? If not, can you post your contract without the personal information?

Sorry guys , all the info is on the usb drive they gave me .

I will get the details and post it sorry for the confusion new to this forum .

Msrp is $48,395
2021 M235i gran coupe
White w magma red interior
I put $1500 down which includes the 1st payment
10k miles Per year for 36 mnths
My payment is $465 a mnth
My finance rate is 3.3 in apr calculations

Sorry for the delay

But honestly Brian at Unitd BMW was really a good guy to work with , no pressure and was very understanding and deal with .

First thing is to separate what you’re paying for the car and what you’re paying the state … what’s the tax rate in your state and how much is the DMV fee?

Marco - thanks for sharing your info. Honestly, regardless of your deal, anyone in the Atlanta area should hit all the local dealers (and, in my case, all dealers within 500mi) to optimize a best offer.

Anyway, hopefully your deal was a very good one from a Leasehackr point of view. If you post all details (msrp, money factor, incentives, fees) we can evaluate exactly how good of a deal you got.

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