How is this deal? (2019 Subaru Ascent Premium)


Finally got to $400/mo on an Ascent Premium Pack 12 with 36 mo/12k with $1000 das (includes $400 for First payment, rest for cap cost reduction) I can’t get the calculator to build this out right, but I think it’s pretty good as these aren’t normally too discounted.


MSRP $37217
Sales Price $33674
RV - 61% (No info, tried to math) (Told $22702.37)
MF - Assuming .00105 (No info for sure, used Edmunds)

Sales Price $33674
Acq Fee $595
Delivery $299
A little upside-down on trade $198.75
Coupon -$500
Cash -$565
Net Cost $33701


What`s the MF? Best Ascent deal I’ve seen.


Doing my own math on the calculator to get things close to dealer numbers, it looks for be the same as other deals at .00105.


I was quoted a similar amount (415/mo w/ 500 at signing) for the exact trim (MSRP was 37497). This is in MI, and they were very transparent about it, the MF is .0013. A pretty good deal for this vehicle which is moving quick - in Michigan at least.


I’m on the hunt for an Ascent for me or my wife. The Subaru dealer I deal with has an ad for $385 plus tax, title, etc which is similar to your deal. I was offered a base model for $317 with 2k down. It seems like the premium is the sweet spot. I believe I saw somewhere that the premium packages without the 20 inch wheels package has a $750 rebate.


I didn’t hear about any Ascent Rebates… seems unlikely with how fast they are going. Where was that info from?


Scroll down and you will see it. Around here I don’t see them flying off the lot. I see the same ones sitting on dealers lot. Dealers around here also aren’t very aggressive with pricing.