How is this 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE lease?


I am getting following lease deal on 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE. Please let me know if this looks good or i could do better.

MSRP - $35185
Dealer Discount - $4085
Adjusted Cap Cost - $25377.17
Acq Fee - $695
Gross Cap Cost - $31975
Rebate - $6757
Residual Value - $14778
Total Payment - $325.47
Doc Processing/EVR/Tire Fee - $117
Dealer Discount + Rebate - $10842.
MF:: 0.25%

With $1000 down, monthly its $325
with $2000 down, monthly its $296.80.

I don’t want to put any down. What would be a good price with tax in that case?

Please advise!


How many months? What’s your tax rate?

Assuming that 42% residual is for 36 months, I’m coming up with $288+ tax, zero down.

Hi, its 12k miles, 36 months. its in CA.

Awful deal

Watertown Ford

Ford Fusion Energi Lease Special
Watertown Ford

Ford Fusion Energi $0 Down Lease Special

2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE Plug-In Hybrid
Lease for
with $0 Down!
PLUS receive a $1,500 MOR-EV Cash Back Rebate from Mass!!!
for 36 months*

*Lease is for 36 months, 10,500 miles per year, $0 down. Total MSRP: $33,995. First payment, Acquisition Fee, Taxes, Title, Registration and Documentation Fee extra. Must qualify for lease renewal rebate. Offers ends 10/31/16. Stock #17059. Offer #81741.

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Yeah so they are doing something screwy with the numbers. If you plug it all into the calculator, it comes up as $289 with zero down payment.

MSRP 35185
Selling Price 31100
Rebate 6757
Down payment 0
Acq Fee 695 (not 645?)
Residual 42%
.25% APR = MF of 0.000104166666667
Tax 9%

It should come out like this (guesstimated $300 for registration):
Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax): $289
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $315
Drive Off: $1351
First month’s payment incl. tax: $315
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $417
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $619

Thanks guys for the actual numbers. Really appreciated.

I have asked him to match the $224/mo offer. Hopefully he does. Will update soon once i hear from him.

the quote i got couple days ago was 263.76+tax with 0 drive off including 1000 Lease Loyalty Bonus Cash (36m/10k/CA)

Is it possible for you to get a screenshot of that quote? so i can show it to my dealer? Thanks

no problem, here you go

Thanks a lot! That helps.

I have also gotten offers for $3k drive off + 168 + tax a month for a 2016. Seems like there are some crazy discounts going on.

2016 is different compared to 2017. 2017 has lot many updates so i am sure the deals on 2016 are insane.

I have finalized the price at 275+tax with $1200 drive off that includes acq fees, first month payment and fees. Hopefully nothing changes while signing on dotted line. i will also get 2 free service. hope this is a good deal

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Can you please give me the dealer name and the lease price break down?

Dealer name is Capitol Ford, San Jose. Ask for Tommy Quach. Let me know your name and i will put in a word for you. As for lease numbers, we negotiated over email only so hard quote.

What lease deal can I get on the The Ford Fusion Energi 2017 models as dealers now have 2018 models. I am looking at SE with adaptive cruise and driver assist at 35,400 MSRP. I am in Southern California.

I just leased a 2017 Fusion SE Energi with $4400 in options. It had a $5500 incentive from Ford. The residual on my lease is 48.5%. so the payment is roughly $365 per month average incl. Tax over 36 months (10.5k miles/year) ($375 incl. WearCare) The agreed selling price I got was below invoice by 2.5% ($27336). At lease end car is worth $13020. It seems like Ford and the dealer make their money on the fees between 1400 and 1500 in financing fee($650) return ($395)or selling to me fee ($500)and wearcare($375), which I bought after a soft sell.

I am wondering what people think of my deal. Fusion sales fell 21% in 2017 and so that probably crushes the residual.

Not good.

I got a '16 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (~$42k MSRP) fully loaded 39mo/12k miles, $0 drive off except first month.

I pay $307/mo including taxes in NJ.

@mikegrant25, congratulations, you got an enviable deal!

I read that sales of the Fusion fell 21% in 2017, which has really crushed the residual on this car. I also read that the 2016 car had major improvements so that would produce an extremely high residual and low, low lease rates!

And, note that my car lists for about $3000 more than a Titanium because it has all the Titanium features and a sunroof, custom color, driver assist, etc., in 2017 the titanium and fusion SE luxury are almost the same!

At my company we keep a spreadsheet of previous EV leasing deals and the 2016 deals just make my mouth water (comparable to yours, $250-$260/month including the $1500 state-of-CA rebate); those rates just aren’t available any more since the car design (although great) is reaching end-of-life - apparently a large chunk of the public is bored with this great car, which has sold 1.5M models in the past 5 years!

A lot of dealers sacrifice a single car off the lot to get huge foot traffic into their salesroom on the weekend, this Watertown Ford dealership seems to be following the sacrificial lamb method. I saw the same “oh, only 1 car anywhere NEAR this price” behavior at Sunnyvale Ford in CA. They teased with $229/month + $2000 down on a Fusion Energi SE, but “oh that one is gone!” and all the rest were $300+.