How is the deal? Audi A4


2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro

Added everything in the calculator.
12k miles/36 months 5400 drive off + 324 pm all inclusive

As pretty much everyone on this forum will advise…do NOT put down that much money as a down payment. Use it as MSDs instead.

Down payment is way too high. One of the advantages of leasing is paying over time and not a whole lot, if any, up front. The idea is to pay just 1st month at signing or perhaps 1st month + DMV/fees.

$5K up front is just way too high IMO. With $0 down, seems you’re at about $417/month

Where are you seeing 324/month? your Calc link says $265

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I get $481 when I click zero drive off

Sorry i updated the calc. Its total 5400 drive off. But yes i can get lesser down and monthly payment will be more hence the rebate will also be more (Audi is covering 1st payment)

Thank you! Yes will try to discuss with them