How is GM Financial about wheel curb rash?

Just one wheel has a little bit of curb rash. Seems a used wheel at junkyard is only $100-150 (maybe less if I give them the rashed one?). But I was hoping not to have to drive across town and back before landing the car tonight. I feel like one of our previous GMF leases had rashed wheels and we weren’t charged a dime.

Define “little.” If it truly is “little,” than you shouldn’t have to worry about it. If little means 4 inches of gouge, you’ll get dinged.

FWIW, GM Financial describes “excessive” as wheels with scratches or gouges greater than 3”

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GM is also forgiving up to 500 dollars in wear and tear when you return and lease or finance a new vehicle through GMF last I checked.


that program is, in fact, still going.

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I believe @adamcar or @chevysalesgirl alluded to this going on throughout 2018 IIRC.

As of now, it’s slated to end September 4. With that said, it’s been going for a couple years now, and they just keep extending it. While there are no guarantees in life, I don’t expect it to end anytime soon, and will most likely continue to be extended.


So long story short a little bit of curb rash probably isn’t going to mean much of anything to @oliviaW. Heck they could probably be missing an entire wheel at that amount and not get dinged as long as nothing else is wrong lol.

Not sure how GM does it, but for my last turn-in I did the inspection a month or 2 before turn-in. I got dinged for curb rash and it was a measly $50 penalty and I had the option to repair or let Nissan do it after turn-in. I just turned it and didn’t ever have to pay anything more than disposition.

3 of my rims on my 2017 ATS had decent curb rash to them - DC city life! They charged me about $80 for each. They were 17” rims if that matter. One tire has a small cut on sidewall and charged 170ish for that. All in all it was fair I thought.

Funny thing was that I forgot to pay the bill… had a baby… lot going on in life. They called and told me to just pay $550 when I actually owed a little over $1,000 including the $595 turn in fee. Can’t complain!

Edit: found the inspection report. Attaching.

I’ll have to go outside on lunch and measure it. I can’t picture it at the moment – I’d assume anywhere from 2 to 7 inches.

If you’re leasing another GM, and don’t have any other major dings or scratches, I wouldn’t worry about it. It would be covered under the 500 waiver, even if they replaced the entire wheel.

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Does GMF charge people for cleaning fees and smells? I recall browsing off-lease cars at dealer auctions and at least half of them were so smelly and greasy. Our lease turn-ins are always pretty spotless.

Not unless it’s excessive…major stains in the carpet/seats that are difficult/impossible to remove. I’ve turned in dirty cars, and have never had an issue. There again, I didn’t have any major stains either.

that’s why the inspection is so important :smile: