How good/bad is this Volt lease offer?

Dealing with a dealer in the Bay Area in California and speaking to the manager (the Volt sales guy is on vacation) he gave me this quote… This is for a 2017 Volt with Leather, Comfort Package, and Bose.

$36,300 MSRP
-$3,000 Dealer Discount
$33,300 MSRP
-$4,610 GM Discount

+$29 Electronic Filling Fee
+$80 Dealer Doc Fee
+$595 Acquisition Fee

Total monthly lease rate would be $330.74/month for 10k year/36 months. I haven’t mentioned that I have a $1,000 private offer but did ask him if he could move at all on the price and in a very pained voice he said he can’t, that he’s moving the car at a ~$2200 loss already and these cars are already priced to sell. He said “the only reason he’s selling these cars is to be able to sell trucks.” Which I actually agree with. The problem is I’m an out of state resident (I’m in Washington state) so I know I have less power with these deal because we aren’t a full CARB state and we won’t get GM the same benefits as if he sold locally.

I asked for about another $1200 discount because I really wanted this to get under $300 (honestly my target is around $260 to maybe $270 but I don’t want him to know about my PO yet) and he said he couldn’t do that. I asked if there was anything he could do and he said MAYBE like another $100 off (why even offer that?! That moves my payment what, a buck or two?!) but that was it… I mentioned a dealer in Studio City was offering another $500 dealer discount and that they must be taking an even larger loss and he still didn’t budge, so I thanked him and said he might hear back from me.

It’s going to cost $650 to ship the car to me which washes some of the private offer away, but I still have a little bit that’ll help. Washington State doesn’t charge sales tax on the Volt so my $330.74 will be the monthly. Reg/Lic fees in WA I think will be $400 or less.

I haven’t called the Studio City dealer yet since I figure the shipping cost will be more expensive and every penny the shipping goes up eats into that $500 extra off they list and I’m not sure they’ll budge more.

I’m taking this over to a local WA dealer right now to see if they can match (so I’ll save shipping costs) BUT they only have ONE Volt on the lot and one in transit. Both are NOT leather OR Bose, which kinda sucks…

Forgot to add,

$18,513 residual
.0004 money factor

Actually, what is that residual %?? That seems high if it’s from the fully discounted price (what, like 64%) or low ~54% if simply not taking into count the $3,000 dealer discount… It should be what, 61%?

There’s 9.5p mark up on the car fwiw

What do you mean markup??

36300 less 36300*.095 is dealer cost.

Wait, really?? How do you know? Is it just for California dealers? My local dealer put together a deal for me & while the numbers weren’t right and I walked away the dealer would NOT budge past invoice price. He said at that price they would only make $740 on it and he couldn’t take a loss (I was asking for a $1,000 dealer discount).

How do you figure out what the market up?

I sell them. For a living.

Hmm… so is “invoice price” what the dealer paid, or does that actually have a markup built into it? I wish I had asked to keep the quote paperwork but I was frustrated and just left today after I saw the deal fall apart. I know the MSRP listed on the web site is $34,755 and I THINK the “invoice” was $34,044 that he said he would sell it for… but maybe it was $33,044. He said he would only make $740 off the deal… does that mean the cost to the dealer is actually like $31,454?? Because that would mean there’s like $850 unaccounted for there… honestly after talking today if he had shown some movement by offering to cut the price by $500 and run the lease numbers again I probably would have signed…

Might go back Tuesday and then push a little more saying I talked to other dealers that said MSRP had a 9.5% markup built into it and I want to give him another chance to do better then he did before.

$239 with tax / $595 due at signing
36 month / 10k miles per year
51% residual
.00040 MF

I have a few of these with comfort package & bose sound system in most colors.

Shipping from SoCal $275 same day or next day delivery to Bay area. / 949-485-3002 / Yelp

I should clarify, that quote I got was from Boardwalk Chevy in the Bay Area but I’m in Washington state, so some of the incentives wouldn’t apply.

Still would be interested if you could beat my local dealer here in WA. I was looking at a Heather Grey, black interior. I’ve actually decided that I don’t need leather seats since I test drove one without (it was the only Volt they had). I like that color too, but I’m open to others. The only package I care about now is comfort (heated seats/wheel/mirrors). They quoted me around $360/mo with zero down and about ~$1,000 in drive off fees, this is including a 9% tax here.

How low can you get on a base LT with comfort package? You can quote without sales tax if you want and I can work that math on my end. [Also, I’m ok paying dealer fees and acquisition cost up front rather then rolling that into the lease payments, especially if you let me use a credit card, but I don’t want to make a down payment.)

I was quoted $650 to ship from Bay Area to me in Washington state. I’m not sure where you are but my zip code is 99354.

Makes sense. GM announced a while back that they improved profit margins on the Gen 2 Volt by $3k. So that means they (GM) were barely making anything on the Gen 1 Volt, which is also not a surprise.

That deal looks solid for a non-CARB state lease. I think you are handcuffed by being out of state, so even being offered $3k off an LT is really good. The private offer would bring it right at $300/month.

I don’t believe the “$2200 loss” part one bit…you really think he would be selling that Volt if the dealership actually was losing 2200?? Better translation is “I can’t get my sales manager to go any lower without reducing my commission”.

Actually kinda believed that part simply because it was a CARB state and if the Volt earns them credits (which I assume) it does, they NEED to move at least a set ratio of them anyway so they won’t get fined. He mentioned they only were selling those Volts so he could keep selling trucks… Which all seems to add up on the surface… But maybe not…

I also was talking to the finance manager, the sales guy they assigned me to just a day earlier was starting a three day vacation which I found kinda annoying…

So after looking at this again I realized he has me at zero DRIVE OFF. Which is nice but I was actually planning on paying fees upfront, that’s totally how I had things being worked out when I was talking to my local dealer last night. Saves me a few bucks and earns me credit card points. When doing the math again using the LeaseHackr Calc and paying the eFile fee, Doc fee, and acquisition fee at signing AND applying the $1,000 private offer as CCR downpayment it looks like I would have $977 due to the dealer at signing and a monthly payment of $273 for 36 year/10k miles. That actually seems in my mind to be a lot better and actually a pretty great deal for a Volt LT with Leather, Bose, Comfort, and Illuminated Charge port and cargo net (LOL, really, would have rather not paid for those last two!).

Shipping sounds like it’ll be $650 which if I think of monthly cost spread across the lease terms adds $18/mo. (I’m going to pay it all now of course, but thinking of total lease cost). That brings it to $291/mo. I’ve been calling around for the last 90 minutes with Washington state trying to clarify the tax exemption status and haven’t got an answer on that yet, but if it is tax free then local registration and license is only extra. There is a $150 EV reg fee and I’m pretty sure the rest of those fees would be $300 or less. So that puts me at like $303/mo total lease cost with $977 due at signing.

That’s not too terrible, right? (Though I’m actually fine dropping the leather package now that I test drove one… this just feels like a better deal! This car has ~$1,750 more options on it and total cost is less then the ~$330/mo my dealer quoted me for one without leather or Bose or other options)