How good/bad is this SLC “AMG” C43 lease takeover?

I found a 2017 SLC C43AMG on swapalease. What do the @trusted_hackrs think about this one?

$593.71 per month
after $4,000.00 incentive applied.
Actual Payment$708.00
Current Miles5,900
Remaining Miles34,100
Miles Per Month974
Leasing CompanyMercedes-Benz Financial
Months Remaining35
Est. Lease End Date11/12/2020

No MSRP was listed. Is it worth exploring?

make sure you figure in the transfer fee and disposition fee. also mercedes services is usually pretty expensive, so need to factor that in too.

His incentive will put you under the 1% rule. I’m not sure what the MB fees are but it’s probably worth exploring. You may want to do your own research first on a new lease to get a better idea of what kind of deal you can get on your own. If you aren’t having any luck, then you can fall back on this one.

must be a concept car lol

post the link and we can go comment

Transfer and disposition fee are both $595 each

i think it’s a good price.

I would:

run carfax and request service records make sure no accidents

have seller pay for transfer fee with the argument that you still have to pay dispo fee. If he pushes back hard then settle on “splitting” the fee.

You need to somehow ensure that he will end up paying you the $4k. Theoretically, if you initiate transfer and it is completed, he can turn around and say “bye” and not pay you the $4k. I’ve never done it but i think can help with that. Let them hold the $4k and release to you upon successful transfer. Or even better if you can talk him into giving you the $4k upfront then do that. I wouldn’t risk him “doing the right thing” and hope he pays you the $4k just on a handshake.

make sure no mods were done and that the car is under full warranty for the duration of the 35 mo that you have it. Not sure what the original term was or how long they warranty the car.


Thanks. I was wondering about selling my own car through, too.

Huh. The stock photos on the MB website make the car looks so much sexier than it actually is.

$700/mo seems a bit much for a baby benz convertible. Used to have an SLK decades ago, and wasn’t thaaaat great.
What about the F-type with all the crazy deals going on?
But in the end, obviously your choice, do what you like. Just 2c

I think it’s worth pointing out that you need to make sure you will pass a credit check with MBFS. The seller may be offering the incentive, but they will evaluate your ability to pay the loan as is. If you can’t afford it at $700 a month, they will reject you. There was a guy doing a C43 with a $10k incentive not long ago that got the car to $600 a month down from some terrible lease price in the $800s and MBFS was rejecting applicants left and right for it.

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I decided to move on. I am not interested enough in this car to deal with the complications. :slight_smile:

it’s really not that complicated, you just have to be aware of the risks.
I wouldn’t just give up on it if you like it. Nothing worth anything comes easy.