How does this GLE 53 Lease look? (Canada)

Looking at new lease on a 2020 GLE53 and wanted your opinions

Msrp 109000 + 6824( dealer options) = 115824 (total list)
Selling price 111324.00 ( ~4% after 4500 adjustments)
Filing Fees 32.46 so Financed Amount 111356.46
Interest Rate/APR is 2.29% so MF 0.000954
Term 36 Months /18K KM
Down $0
Residual 55% ($60236)
Payment $1582.63 + 5% & 7% tax = $1820.02
Security Deposit $0

In dealer options I have lease protection FCLP (1615) and 36M PPM (1599) included right now. Should I keep them or are they unnecessary

I’m in the states so not familiar with how different Canada is. With that in mind:
The MSRP residual should be $63,703. Why have you separated the dealer options, does it not get residualized up there? Can you breakdown those options?

The discount is terrible for USA standards.

Have you checked Edmunds (or your equivalent) for base MF/RV for that trim and your zip code? (postal code I think you use)

What’s the 5% additional to the payment going towards?

The FCLP which we call “wear and tear” insurance not really worth it but it depends on how likely you are to cause excessive damage. How have you treated your previous cars, are you accident prone?
The PPM is a good deal if it can be residualized since you’ll only pay a percentage of it throughout the lease.

In short, if you were buying that vehicle here it’s a bad deal but as I said your market can be completely different.
Maybe someone else has a better insight to the CA market?

Is this a good lease deal for gle53 coupe?