How does BMW verify eligibility for the Corporate Fleet program?

I have access to the Customer Information Form (CIF form) and my employee badge. Is this sufficient, or are they looking for pay stubs, etc?

I understand this tacks on an extra $1,500 off purchase/lease of an i3 and an MF reduction of .00020.

I got asked for a paystub.

Negotiate everything before you go to BMW the are fast talking. You can email them that form ahead of time too.

CIF filled out is what they care about. No more.

Are some dealers more relaxed than others on the verification? Fleet program is part of my EAP program, which is run by a larger benefits program out of Chicago–I’m in San Francisco. My EAP can be used by anyone in my household. I set my brother up with his own login and filled form in hand but was still denied. Dealer said they required a signed lease or utility bill to prove we resided at the same residence.

Where do you find the CIF form? Also, anyone have luck with I signed my company, but couldn’t find the BMW link, which I heard was there.

We use Perkspot for benefits program. Within the BMW Fleet page in the “special instructions” section, “Discount Certificate” is a link to download the form.

Simply negotiate the best price with your local dealer, and then additionally, you will receive your “Best Pricing Available” extra cash discount. If you decide to take advantage of the BMW lease program, you will benefit from an interest rate reduction. You are also entitled to all current advertised BMW/MINI sales support programs.

Present your completed Discount Certificate and proof of employment to your BMW/MINI dealer of choice.

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Yes, I can access it on BenefitHub. Although it doesn’t seem to show the account number needed to fill out the form.

Excellent, we have perkspot and benefithub, I will have to check them now that AARP is gone.

BTW for Mercedes fleet they insist on send a personalized registered form to your employee email address. So there’s little opportunity for abuse.