How do you want Marketplace organized?

  • Maximum of one thread per brand per user per month
  • It’s fine the way it is!
  • Other (explain)

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We’re seeing a lot of activity on Marketplace, which is great! Moving forward, how do you want the Marketplace organized?

Is the current number of topics manageable? Do you browse for deals by scrolling through them, or use tags and the search function to filter through them?

Note that the thread creator can now edit titles and the original post as new deals become available.

Let us know!


For the most part I really like it. The one thing I can think of would be if there was a way to set a filter so that you only see regions that apply to you. I only say this because, with so many posts, some posts for my region might get pushed down far enough that I won’t see them.


I know it’s an open market but I did see a few post for some older cars on here. I’m not sure what the outcome was as i was travelling. But this LH not Autotrader, are those post deleted as they do not follow the overall theme of the forum?


One thread per brand per user per month would be fantastic. It works great for Cody and Trish and would help keep things less cluttered and more organized.

ETA: a lot of the people voting keep it as is are users who have either not been around for long or are lurkers. Many of the most active posters prefer the one thread idea.


I feel as if the title of all the topics on the Marketplace should be more uniform. For example: state, year, make, model, price per month, and due at signing. A lot of topics have different titles and are hard to decipher.


I agree with this!

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This is great feedback and I completely agree. We’ve tried to push for this but, so often, people like to put salesy language in their headlines (or simply don’t follow the format) so we spend a lot of time chasing those and manually changing thread names. But I agree with this completely.


I like the idea of guidelines for the title. I also really like an option to filter it by region as well.


I like it the way it is, however Is there an easier way to see all recent marketplace ads for a specific seller/broker?

I know you can do it through the search function but takes a bunch of clicks. Would be great to click on a brokers profile and see all recent marketplace posts instead of replies and likes which are not very useful.

I also agree better standardization in the titles would be good as well as guidelines on how deals are structured. Brokers are getting more sophisticated with their posts recently to make the deals look more appealing, but does result in such things as cap cost reductions without it being overly clear. We hate when dealers do that in the fine print so hopefully can be more transparent here. Also, is requiring a LH calculator asking too much? Provides better transparency and allows people manipulate the deal based on their rebates and mileage.


You can click on their profile and then click more topics and it comes up organized by most recent

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+1 ! (plus… one!)


I think it can get a bit disorganized at time. I would suggest perhaps adding the ability to better filter by brand, region or price point. Right now it’s just a list in no particular order

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This has been discussed and is usually in effect for about a week then it gets sloppy again


Titles should have guidelines as well, just like the posting’s do.

Half the title on some postings have nothing to do with the deal itself, except it “OMG UNICORN WONT LAST HURRY UP ONCE IN A LIFETIME DEAL MSRP 52k, 250/mo, 2000DAS”


Title should only have year/make/model/trim, everything else should be in the body. Tags should have locations. Now brokers try to overdo each other with their sales pitches in miles long titles. Some even sneak down payments there disguised as acq fee just to be in line with other lower payments offers.


Just instituted sub-categories in Marketplace based on regions as requested! Posting within the sub-category is optional but it would help targeted users to locate the deal quicker.


I could certainly do without the recent surge in used car salesman-y hype “best deal ever,” “what a steal” type crap.

If it’s a good deal, people will know without all the fluff


now we just need people to use the sub-category lol.


I do agree having a title guideline, though I don’t object to creative and helpful pitches (no “best deal ever” is not creative). Perhaps we will put the title format suggestion in the topic template like we do for deal details now?

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Yes. Hopefully they will do so for their own benefit.