How do you approach a deal


Curious how everyone goes about approaching a deal. Once you find a car you think will work do you walk into a dealership? Do you email them or call them? Do you tell them the numbers you already worked out and just ask “can you do this?”

Just curious. I don’t like wasting their time or mine for that matter and 90% of the time dealers seem to be so far off where I think we should be it almost seems it isn’t worth continuing to hash it out.

Research like crazy so you know the numbers (MF, Residual, Incentives) and then email a few dealers asking for a sign and drive lease quote.

Do you find any of them actually get to the numbers you have figured?

Example: wth the help of another thread, I found a BMW X5 loaner car with 4K miles. MSRP is 65k and advertised price is 54k. I know the incintives, residual and MF. According to lease calculator I should be at 590ish/month with 0 down. Dealer quotes me almost 800/month on owners choice. Or $1k down and $730/month on a lease. Basically they are not discounting the car as steeply as advertised is what it appears. But I generally seem to be way off on where I think a price should be.

Ask them for the full lease sheet, that will tell you what they’re doing with the numbers. You can also tell them where you want to be on the payment.

I had someone call last week who had a stock number, residual, MF, etc. etc. etc. and said I believe I should be able to accomplish this (insert deal here) based on MSRP, Invoice, incentives, and holdback. I ran some numbers and ten minutes later it was a done deal. We delivered the car the next morning to him.

If you’re accurate and make the deal easy then dealership usually won’t mind moving metal.

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Advertised price likely already includes incentives, potentially ones you are not eligible for make it look attractive.

I prefer asking for just the sale price without incentives and then you have enough information to determine the price based on that and the standard MF, incentives, and residual via Edmunds

Shows you know what you are doing and makes it harder for them to mark up the MF.

Thank you. That is helpful. I think on my deal it is an issue of advertised price which may include purchase incintives vs where I think/hope/need them to be for my deal to work.