How do the Edmund forum mods get RV/MF?

Do they query a ton of manufacturer databases? Have access to dealer tooling?

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They have access to the info from the captives

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How did they get that?

Usually an email attachment.


They probably pay for it

Edmunds pays $$$$$$$ for it

Probably using something like mDesking. I’m getting it in January :grimacing::+1:

Just checked this company out. Their website and UI need some serious attention, but sounds like the tool is serious.

What does a license cost a dealer?

The tool was awesome when we got the demo a few months ago. It’s about $1300 a month for the base options


I wonder if it would be against the rules if Leasehackr bought the subscription then farmed out the info here…

I would imagine so. Also not sure if LH cares to do that when Edmunds is already a good free source


If i were taking this site to the next level i would purchase that feed and bake it into dealer and broker advertising costs. Never want to send potential customers away to come back and find you. I know they need to come back here as their is no competition currently…but in business there is always the powers of three.

I would guess exposing all that publicly is against their licensing policy… otherwise dealers could just come here vs. buying their product

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I checked out the Linkedin of some of the developers of mDesking. They obviously get this data from other sources. Seems like they are using some APIs to get this data.

I believe @RVGuy has answered this question before if you search a bit.

Of course they do. They are a 3rd party to the captives, who come up with their own numbers.

When a dealer signs up for mdesking, they agree to give marketscan the program data for their captive and other lenders. Some lenders provide the data directly to marketscan.

Marketscan does not license data directly to consumers. They are strictly B2B and dealers, banks/lenders and the OEMs are their customers.


I actually copied the Edmunds MF/%Res nos. for 2020 Volvo V60 CC and quoted to local Volvo salesperson when discussing lease terms…his response: “ Where did you get those figures?” When I told him, he gives me a “what’s Edmunds?” look, then says that the finance company sets the MF and dealer can’t alter…true?

New to the site here…what exactly is a “captive”?

Captive/Finance Company/bank. They do set them but dealer can mark up MF. You also want to know incentives especially those direct to dealer so you know how much they are discounting the car. RV cannot be altered or the lease contract would be rejected.