How do i stop my subscription?

how do i stop my subscription?

:pleading_face: you don’t like us anymore??

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Lol. It isn’t worth it to me, especially since I cannot advertise under invoice with Lexus lol!

Toyota is the same but there are ways around it.

@michael should be able to help with cancellations


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What Cody said, and you can also monitor Lexus threads and posts in the Help Wanted to get potential customers. Doesn’t take much to cover $20 :slight_smile:


Unsolicited advice that is IMO worth the price of your subscription: I think you’re onto something with the preowned deals as I mentioned on your thread. But you need to go deeper for this crowd, no one here is going to want a used Lexus for what members here routinely pay for a new BMW. Only the general public is going to think that $350/mo for a used IS is a good deal after they’ve been handled a quote for a new one at $700/mo or whatever.

As others have said you can maintain your own ‘private’ Spreadsheet for new cars.