How do current miles affect a used lease?

I am looking at some service loaners to lease, and I wonder if there is any consequence to getting, say, a loaded 328i with 9k miles already on it ,vs a similar priced base 328i with only 4k on it? If they are both the exact same price, is there any reason I should even care about 5k more miles if I’ll just unload the car in 3 years and move on?

The residual value on the vehicle will be reduced by 25cents/mile over 500 miles. So your residual will be 1250$ less on a vehicle with 5000 extra miles. If the selling price is brought down to compensate for that (and some more), then it shouldn’t matter much.

Sometimes, some of the company incentives that are available on a new vehicle are not available on loaner vehicles (I think because they are already owned by the dealership) so your selling price might be better on a new car. Get quotes on comparable new and loaner vehicles.

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Thanks for your response. That makes a lot of sense. I went with the higher mileage vehicle and I think (hope) it will not be an issue in the long wrong

If you don’t mind, please share the final lease numbers.

This is true but March 1 BMW is changing its residuals on loaners with more than 5k miles, in addition to the mileage penalty there is a 4% reduction in residual so if you are leaning towards the car with 9k miles on it you better get the deal done in the next 36 or so hours.

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Wow, that is a great thing I didn’t wait!

MSRP : $42,775
Invoice price :$38,840
Selling Price : $32,000
MF rate : .00134
Residual amt : 60% of MSRP at 10k Miles/year
Miles / yr : 10.000
Months :36
Acquisition Fee : $925.00
DMV fees : $310.00

Your drive off is $1,740.71 with a payment of $295.98+tax

I actually got him down a bit more to $41800 for the final sale. I did utlilize 7 MSD as well, not reflected in these numbers.

That’s a good discount on the MSRP. Is that monthly payment after the MSD?

That is before msd. After msd, it was around 300 after tax. This is my first lease ever, and I’m not sure how I did compared to other lease hackers, but I am satisfied with that monthly payment.

Oh, for further info, the options I got were very limited. It’s a base with sport package… well, all 2016 328i have that by default now, sunroof(or is it called moonroof?) , heated seats, black kidney grill, driver assistance package, led door projector, upgraded 18 wheels.